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No Child Left Behind Highly Qualified Teacher Update

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1 No Child Left Behind Highly Qualified Teacher Update
Chris Reising Director San Diego County Office of Education Teacher Recruitment & Support Center

2 Highly Qualified Teacher Update
Subject Matter Verification Process for Secondary Teachers in Special Settings

3 No Child Left Behind Act of 2001
The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001, contains specific teacher requirements that must be met by all public school teachers who teach “core” academic subjects. Each local educational agency (LEA) must develop a plan to ensure that all elementary, middle and high school teachers, who are assigned to teach core academic subjects, meet these requirements.

4 No Child Left Behind Act of 2001
Who meets NCLB requirements? A teacher who: Holds a Bachelor’s degree Has a California credential or an Intern certificate Has demonstrated “core” academic subject matter competence (major or exam)

5 Definitions Highly Qualified Teacher (HQT): The teacher has a BA, is certified to teach in California, and has met subject matter competence in every core academic subject area they teach. Core Academic Subject Areas: English, Reading/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Foreign Languages, Civics/Government, Economics, Arts, History, and Geography.

6 Alternative Verification Process
Subject Matter Competence Secondary Teachers in Multi-Subject Assignments

7 Alternative Verification Process
Who may use this option? Secondary Special Education Secondary Alternative Programs Secondary Small Rural Schools Independent Study Programs

8 Alternative Verification Process
New and Not New Teachers Must Meet HQT Requirement is One Core Academic Subject to Utilize This Process Multiple Subjects is Considered a Core

9 Alternative Verification Process
Two-Tiered Professional Development Four Content Area English Mathematics Science Social Science

10 Alternative Verification Process
Profession Development Tiers Level I – 36 hours 20 units or 10 upper division units Level II – 36 hours

11 Alternative Verification Process
Meet NCLB High Quality Professional Development Standards Assessment Component Utilizing Existing Test Prep Materials Online Option

12 Alternative Verification Process
Remaining California Issues: Approval of Professional Development Retaining Rigor Timeline Federal Issues: Reauthorization Highly Effective Teacher Equitable Distribution Data Collection

13 NCLB Resources For more information on NCLB refer to the following websites: No Child Left Behind/US Dept of Ed No Child Left Behind/State of CA California Commission on Teacher Credentialing San Diego County Office of Education

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