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By: Richard Connell Jenna Spahr and Vanessa White.

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1 By: Richard Connell Jenna Spahr and Vanessa White

2 Rainsford was on a yacht and fell off at night time. He heard gun-shots from the right and swam towards the noise. He ended up on Ship-Trap Island. There he met General Zaroff. Rainsford learned that he liked to hunt. Zaroff stated that hunting was no longer a challenge to him and he created a new animal to hunt. Rainsford soon realized that his “new animal” was the human and claimed it was not murder. Zaroff wanted to hunt Rainsford and did not give him much choice. The rules of the game were that Rainsford must hide for three days in the forest without being found and killed by Zaroff. The first couple times Zaroff found where Rainsford was hiding, he doesn’t kill him. Rainsford tries to set up a couple of traps that set back Zaroff, but do not kill him. Rainsford then goes into the ocean at the end of the forest and Zaroff thinks he tried to swim away, and stops hunting. Rainsford really swam around the island and hid in Zaroff’s bedroom, which results in Rainsford winning the game.

3 Person vs. person Conflicts leading up to main conflict: 1. Rainsford falls off the yacht and ends up on the island. 2. He finds out that Zaroff wants to hunt humans. 3. Zaroff won’t let Rainsford off the island until he plays the “game”. The major conflict is death. Rainsford had many conflicts that all revolve around trying to avoid being killed on the island.

4 Place: Somewhere in the Caribbean Sea headed towards Rio and the Amazon Ship-Trap Island Time: Around the time of the Russian Revolution

5 The general theme is the death The specific theme is the hunter and the hunted. Rainsford and Zaroff are equals in the beginning, and are both hunters. Then, Rainsford is put in the position of being hunted.

6 Foreshadowing: The name of the island, Ship-Trap Island, hints that something is going to happen to the ships passing by and Rainsford might somehow get trapped there. Pathos: As we were reading the story, we felt sorry for Rainsford that he got trapped on the island. We also sympathized him as he was being hunted by Zaroff. Hyperbole: An exaggeration within the story is, “I could sleep without closing my eyelids.” This is a hyperbole because it’s not practical to sleep without closing your eyes.

7 When Zaroff states that “the most dangerous game” involves hunting humans, he thinks that it is not murder. We do not think he is civilized because killing people is murder. Rainsford’s experience might change him because he will now be more appreciative of life, and take his experience into consideration when he is hunting. He states the “he knew how an animal at bay feels.”

8 Multiple Choice 1. Which sea is Ship-Trap Island surrounded by? A. Pacific Ocean. B. Caribbean Sea. C. Atlantic Ocean. 2.If Rainsford wins the hunt, what does Zaroff promise him? A. Zaroff promises him that he will cheerfully acknowledge his defeat. B. Place him on the mainland near a town. C. BOTH A AND B. Short Answer 3. Where does Rainsford spend the first night of his hunt? 4. How many acres did Zaroff’s father have in the Crimea? 5. Why does Zaroff suggest Rainsford wear moccasins? YES OR NO 6.When Rainsford fell into the sea, did he hear gunshots in the distance? 7.Did General Zaroff follow the rules of the most dangerous game BONUS QUESTION What do you think happens next?

9 1. Caribbean Sea 2. Both A and B 3. On the run, and ends up resting in a tree 4. A quarter of a million acres 5. Moccasins leave a less noticeable path 6. Yes 7. No

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