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The Most Dangerous Game

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1 The Most Dangerous Game
Test Review

2 Events in Order Rainsford and Whitney talk about ship-trap island
Rainsford falls into the water Ivan answers the door Zaroff tells Rainsford that hunting has gotten boring. Rainsfor spends the night in a tree Rainsford makes a trap Zaroff’s dog falls into the pit Ivan dies Rainsford jumps off the cliff Rainsford kills Zaroff

3 Discerned To tell the difference

4 Mirage Illusion

5 Lofty Large

6 Lore Tale- story

7 Bleak Empty

8 Anguish Pain

9 Gravely Deadly

10 Lacerated Cut

11 Abrupt Stopped short

12 Leering Looking as in peering or smirking

13 Tangible Able to touch with your hand

14 Receding Going back- The sea recedes from the shore

15 Perils Dangers/ Threats

16 Setting On Ship Trap Island

17 Dramatic Irony Used in speech- the character doesn’t actually say what is true. “Yay, I love when we do test reviews!”

18 Nonverbal Irony When the character says something but uses body cues that say otherwise. “Yes, mother” as she rolls her eyes.

19 Situational Irony The outcome is not what is expected to be a normal outcome.

20 Suspense The feeling of anticipation.

21 External Conflict Something outside of the character that he/she is having a problem with. Man vs man/nature/society

22 Climax Highest, most intense part of the story

23 Exposition The beginning, introduces characters and setting.

24 Foreshadowing Giving clues about what will happen next. Ex- Rainsford hears gunshots and falls into water- foreshadows that he will find out what animal what shot.

25 Plot Chart- Draw this on your review

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