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“The Most Dangerous Game” (short story)

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1 “The Most Dangerous Game” (short story)
Author: Richard Connell

2 Characters Sanger Rainsford the protagonist
stranded on the island after falling off a yacht Writes books about hunting. Thinks hunting is the greatest sport in the world.

3 General Zaroff the antagonist
began hunting at 5 years old, shot his father’s prized turkey and was complimented for it served as a Cossack and a general in the Russian army lives in a palace-like home on Ship Trap Island hunts humans for the challenge. Hunting is his life.

4 Ivan Zaroff's huge deaf and mute assistant also a Cossack
tortures and kills sailors who refuse to participate in Zaroff’s ‘hunt.’

5 Whitney A fellow hunter and very good friend of Rainsford.
Feels sympathy for the animals, like the jaguar, that they hunt.

6 Setting Primary setting is Ship Trap Island, although other settings include: the yacht in the Caribbean Sea, night time, and the chateau and jungle on the island.

7 Mood: Suspenseful Theme: Primary theme is man’s inhumanity to man; other themes are survival, hunting, determination, bravery, cunning.

8 Plot Introduction: Rising action:
Rainsford and Whitney are aboard a yacht discussing their hunting trip for jaguar. Rising action: Rainsford hears shots He accidentally falls overboard after losing his pipe and swims to Ship Trap Island He finds the chateau (Zaroff’s house) and meets Ivan and Zaroff where he has a fine meal and revealing conversation with Zaroff.

9 (More Rising Action) Zaroff explains that he hunts humans and later says that he will hunt Rainsford next. Humans are the most dangerous game - they offer more of a challenge because they can reason Rainsford and Zaroff participate in the hunt through the jungle Rainsford is the hunted and Zaroff is the hunter

10 (More Rising Action) Rainsford creates three traps: Malay Mancatcher, which wound’s Z.’s shoulder; Burmese tiger pit, which kills one of Z’s dogs; and the Ugandan knife trap, which kills Ivan Rainsford jumps from a cliff on the island into the sea, swims back to Zaroff’s house and hides in the curtains in Zaroff’s bedroom.

11 Climax: Falling Action: Denouement:
Rainsford confronts Zaroff in his bedroom Falling Action: Zaroff tells Rainsford he wins the game and is free to go Rainsford kills Zaroff Denouement: Rainsford wins the duel because he is the one who gets to sleep in the fine bed.

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