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The Most Dangerous Game

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1 The Most Dangerous Game
By Richard Connell

2 Dramatic Plot Structure
Plot structures include 5 elements + conflict Exposition Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution Climax Falling Action Conflict Resolution Rising Action Exposition

3 Dramatic Plot Structure
Exposition: During a plot’s exposition, the author gives background information about the story and introduces the story’s characters and setting. The exposition also introduces the main conflict. Rising Action: Rising action is the series of events that lead up to the climax, or most dramatic moment, of the story. Climax: The climax is a story’s most dramatic and revealing moment. It usually comes near the end of a story and satisfies the reader’s curiosity about what happens.

4 Dramatic Plot Structure
Falling Action: The falling action follows the climax and describes the results of the climax. Resolution The resolution, or denouement, comes at the end of the falling action. The Most Dangerous Game has a very late climax, therefore, the resolution and falling action occur in 1-2 paragraphs.

5 Baby Panda!

6 It starts with a boat ride

7 to South America On the boat is a hunter named Rainsford
Rainsford is a world famous hunter, who has written many books on the subject However, Rainsford is not accustomed to hunting the most dangerous game

8 Rainsford believes jaguar are the most clever animals.

9 The Caribbean Sea is dotted with small islands, some of which are privately owned.

10 A rifle shot... from the island they were passing,
an island covered in fog.

11 Man Overboard! Rainsford heard the shot, went to the side of the boat, dropped his pipe, overcorrected, and fell overboard. The boat kept right on sailing toward South America.

12 His only chance.. is to swim to shore,
and hope the person with the gun was friendly!

13 What kind of animal was on this island?
He began searching for the place where the shooting occurred He found a spot where the underbrush was compressed It was a large animal that fell Then, he found the footsteps, and decided to follow them

14 The footprints led straight to an
enormous Chateau

15 General Zaroff

16 General Zarroff also a hunter, who has read Rainsford’s books.
... owns the island called ShipTrap Island. .... has a very different idea about “game.”

17 Channel Markers Zarroff explains how the island got its name.

18 The Hunt is On! (Time to Read!)

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