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Learning Objectives Examine the attractions industry

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1 Learning Objectives Examine the attractions industry
Look at the role of theme parks Understand the gaming industry Describe public and commercial recreation facilities Recognize shopping as a travel attraction

2 Operating Sectors of the Tourism Industry

3 Overview of Attractions
Cultural Attractions Natural Attractions Events Recreation Entertainment Attractions Historical Sites Landscape Mega-Events Sightseeing Theme Parks Archeological Sites Seascape Community Events Golf Amusement Parks Architecture Parks Festivals Swimming Casinos Cuisine Religious Events Mountains Tennis Monuments Cinemas Flora Sports Events Hiking Industrial Sites Shopping Facilities Fauna Trade Shows Biking Museums Snow Sports Performing Arts Centers Coasts Ethnic Corporate Concerts Islands Sports Complexes Theatre

4 Top U.S. Theme Park Admissions (2005)
Theme Park Attendance (millions) The Magic Kingdom, Orlando Disneyland, Anaheim, California Epcot, Orlando Disney-MGM Studios, (now Disney Hollywood Studios) Orlando Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Orlando Universal Studios, Orlando Disney’s California Adventure, Anaheim Islands of Adventure at Universal, Orlando 5.7 9. Sea World, Orlando 10. Universal Studios, Los Angeles Source: Amusement Business magazine, based in Nashville, Tenn.

5 Top European Theme Park Admissions
Rank, Attendance 2005 Park and Location (in millions) 1 Disneyland Paris Marne la Vallée, France 2 Blackpool Pleasure Beach Blackpool, England 3 Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen, Denmark 4 Europa-Park Rust, Germany 5 Port Adventura Salou, Spain 6 De Efteling Kaatsheuvel, the Netherlands 7 Liseberg Göteborg, Sweden 8 Gardaland Castelnuovo del Garda, Italy 9 Bakken Klampenborg, Denmark 10 Alton Towers Staffordshire, England Source: Amusement Business.

6 Gaming The gaming industry is a $83.7 billion business
Employs directly and indirectly more than 1 million people 87 percent of American people view casino entertainment as acceptable for themselves or others Indian reservation gaming is a growth industry Source: American Gaming Association.

7 2007 Participation – Ranked by Total Participation Participated more than once (in millions) Seven (7) years of age and older Percent Percent Sport Total Change Sport Total Change Exercise Walking % Volleyball % Exercising w/Equipment % In-Line Roller Skating % Swimming % Yoga 10.7 na Camping (vacation/overnite) % Scooter Riding % Bowling % Skateboarding % Bicycle Riding % Softball % Fishing % Football (tackle) % Workout at Club % Paintball Games % Weight Lifting % Mountain Biking (off road) % Boating, Motor/Power % Target Shooting (airgun) % Running/Jogging % Archery (target) 6.6 na Aerobic Exercising % Kayaking 5.9 na Billiards % Hunting w/Bow & Arrow % Hiking % Skiing (alpine) % Basketball % Water Skiing % Golf % Snowboarding % Target Shooting % Mtn/Rock Climbing 4.6 na Hunting w/Firearms % Muzzleloading % Baseball % Scuba Diving (open water) 2.4 na Soccer % Wrestling % Backpack/Wilderness Camp % Hockey (ice) % Tennis % Skiing (cross country) % Dart Throwing 12.1 na Lacrosse 1.2 na Source: National Sporting Goods Association.

8 Sports Participation Growth in 2007 (in millions)
2007 Percent Total Change Tennis % Scooter Riding % Target Shooting % Boating, Motor/Power % Volleyball % Target Shooting (airgun) % Running/Jogging % Bicycle Riding % Skateboarding % Exercise Walking % In-Line Roller Skating % Weight Lifting % Exercising w/Equipment % Soccer % Hunting w/Bow & Arrow % Camping (vacation/overnite) % Hunting w/Firearms % Backpack/Wilderness Camping % Snowboarding % Bowling % Source: National Sporting Goods Association. © John Wiley & Sons, Inc, 2009

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