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Tourism Sector Statistics: 2010/11 Karen Kohler Tourism KwaZulu-Natal February 2012.

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1 Tourism Sector Statistics: 2010/11 Karen Kohler Tourism KwaZulu-Natal February 2012

2 Outline South African Picture –International –Domestic KZN Picture –Foreign –Domestic 2

3 Foreign Arrivals to South Africa and KwaZulu-Natal 3

4 4 South Africa’s Overseas Arrivals 2007-2011

5 5 International Markets to South Africa 2007 - 2010

6 The South African Foreign Picture 6 20092010 Number of foreign tourists7,011,8658,073,552 Avg spend in SA per foreign tourist (excluding capital expenditure): R8,900R9,300 Land marketsR7,300R8,300 Air marketsR13,000R11,800 Avg length of stay:8.3 nights8.5 nights Land markets5.1 nights5.3 nights Air markets16.6 nights16.9 nights Main Overseas Source MarketsUK, USA, Germany, Netherlands, France

7 Purpose of Visit to South Africa – All Foreign Tourists 7

8 Activities of Foreign Tourists in SA Activities% Shopping97% Nightlife81% Social38% Visiting Natural Attractions21% Beach17% Cultural, Historical, Heritage18% Wildlife15% Business16% Theme Parks11% Casino6% Medical5% 8

9 The South African Domestic Tourism Picture 2010 9 20092010 Number of tourists annually30.3mn trips29.7mn trips, 13.5mn travellers Spend – per trip±R730±R710 Spend – total market valueR22bnR21.1bn Avg length of stay4.2 nights4.5 nights Purpose of visitVFR76% Holiday12% Business5% Religious5% Medical1% VFR 74% Holiday 13% Business 5% Religious 6% Medical 1% Main Source marketsGauteng, KZN, E. Cape

10 10 International Markets to KwaZulu- Natal 2007 - 2010

11 KwaZulu-Natal – The Foreign Tourist Picture 11 20092010 Number of tourists annually861,884956,550 Avg Spend – per visitor±R7 216±R7 215 Avg length of stay6.5 nights6.8 nights Main Source marketsUK, USA, France, Germany, Netherlands UK, USA, France, Germany, Australia

12 12 Activities of Foreign Tourists in KZN: 2010 Air*Land Shopping78%96% Nightlife83%48% Visiting natural attractions40%6% Beach49%38% Wildlife27%6% Social28%34% Cultural, historical and heritage22%6% Theme parks26%10% Business23%7% Sporting attended17%3% Visited a casino 13%4% Adventure4%1% Health2%0% Medical1% Sporting competed1% Hunting1%0% Trading0%4%

13 KZN – The Domestic Tourist Picture 13 20092010 Number of visitors annually8.8mn trips8.3mn trips Avg spend per trip±R720±R710 Avg length of stay4.3 nights4.6 nights Main Source MarketsKZN, Gauteng

14 Purpose of Visit to KZN – Domestic Visitors 14

15 Activities undertaken in KZN – Domestic Visitors 15 Activity% Go to the beach57.8 Go to a live show, theatre or concert17.3 Watch a live sports event24.1 Visit a museum, art gallery or historical building22.6 Visit a nature or wildlife or game reserve25.8 Take part in a sports event18.5 Take part in any water sport12.3 Visit an arts or craft outlet11.7 Visit an African township or cultural village on a tour19.3 Food and wine fair8.8 Go hiking or mountain climbing10.6 Bird watching8 Art and crafts festival6.3 Attend a conference, workshop or training session5.5 Visit a health spa5.6 See bushman paintings6.6 Fly-fishing5.2 Horse riding4.4 Go backpack/hostel travelling5.7 Mountain biking or other cycling7.2 Tour of the battlefields2.9

16 KSIA Arrivals 16

17 Road Traffic: Light Vehicles towards Durban 2010-2011 17

18 Hotel Occupancies Durban 2004-2011 18

19 Thank you

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