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Theme Parks and Attractions

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1 Theme Parks and Attractions

2 Attractions Classifications
Cultural Attractions Natural Attractions Events Recreation Entertainment Attractions

3 Cultural Attractions Historical sites Archeological sites Architecture
Cuisine Monuments Industrial sites Museums Ethnic Concerts and Theatre

4 Natural Attractions Landscape Seascape Parks Mountains Flora Fauna
Coasts Islands

5 Events Mega-events Community events Festivals Religious events
Sports events Trade shows Corporate

6 Recreation Sightseeing Golf Swimming Tennis Hiking Biking Snow Sports

7 Entertainment Attractions
Theme Parks Amusement Parks Casinos Cinemas Shopping Facilities Performing Arts Centers Sport Complexes

8 The Attraction Industry
Fixed-location amusement parks & attractions (U.S. & 40 countries) Primarily private businesses $5.5 Billion in annual revenue (U.S.) 275,000 people employed seasonally (U.S.) 265 Million visitors annually (IAAPA)

9 Knott’s Berry Farm America’s first theme park 150 acres
Live shows, rides & family adventures Wild West & “Snoopy” focus

10 Disneyland 1955 Anaheim, California
Themed settings of rides in addition with shows, shops, and restaurant Focus on adventure, history, science fiction, and fantasy Immaculate cleanliness

11 Disney World Orlando, Florida
Magic Kingdom, Epcot, MGM Studios & Animal Kingdom Magic Kingdom 17 Million visitors annually

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