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10 th Grade Advising Session. Agenda  Transcript and Graduation Status Review  College Options  Testing for Colleges  Post Secondary Options  College.

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1 10 th Grade Advising Session

2 Agenda  Transcript and Graduation Status Review  College Options  Testing for Colleges  Post Secondary Options  College and Career Resources  How to Get Help

3 Transcript

4 Graduation Status (transcript review)

5 Unweighted Grade Point Average (GPA) A = 4 B = 3 C=2 D= 1 F = 0 Assign the correct point value to each grade earned Add up the total and divide by the number of grades  ALL students who wish to participate in school activities (athletics, band, cheer, color guard, etc.) must have a minimum 2.0 GPA

6 GPA Weighted vs. Unweighted Students in an Honors (except H English 10), AP, or IB level course will be awarded an extra grade point for each grade earned with a “C” or better Adding in these extra points into the GPA calculation is necessary to determine a weighted GPA

7 GRADE POINT AVERAGES A student’s transcript will list three different grade point averages (GPA’s): Academic GPA (9-12), Academic GPA (10-12), and Total GPA (9-12). Each is calculated differently: Unweighted Academic GPA – All courses taken in the respective years (i.e. 9-12 GPA, 10-12 GPA) are used in the calculation with the exception of PE courses. No courses are weighted. Weighted Academic GPA – All courses taken in the respective years are calculated with the exception of PE courses; Honors (except H English 10), AP and IB courses receive an extra weighted point if the grade earned is ‘C’ or better. Colleges do not accept any grade lower than a ‘C’ in Honors, AP, or IB courses. Total Unweighted GPA – All courses taken in all grades are used in the calculation. No courses are weighted. Total Weighted GPA – All courses taken in all grades are calculated; Honors (except H English 10), AP, and IB courses receive an extra weighted point if the grade earned is ‘C’ or better. UC/CSU GPA – All “A – G” courses, including weighted, beginning in 10th grade. This GPA will only calculate up to 8 weighted grades which is consistent with UC/CSU eligibility restrictions. ***information taken from Course Catalog available on GBHS website Transcript GPA Legend

8 Four Year Plan

9 A-G Minimum Requirements A – History/Social Science20 cr. B – English40 cr. C – Mathematics30 cr. D – Laboratory Science20 cr. must have one of each: Life Science (10 cr.) Physical Science (10 cr.) E – World Language20 cr. F – Visual/Performing Arts10 cr. G – College Prep Electives10 cr.

10 GPA/Grades for UC/CSU’s Only A-G courses taken in grades 10 th and above are used in GPA calculation for eligibility Only “C-” grades and above satisfy college requirements (including 9 th grade)

11 College Systems Community Colleges Sierra American River Sacramento City Consumnes Folsom Lake College For admission: Community colleges will accept any student who is 18 year of age or older. Community colleges require Math and English placement exams taken Spring of senior year No SAT/ACT tests required

12 CSU (Cal State Univ.) 23 campuses including: Sacramento State Chico State Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Sonoma State San Diego State Cal State Fullerton Long Beach State Humboldt State Cal State San Marcos For admission, CSU’s look solely at: GPA (a-g only beginning in grade 10) Test Scores (best ACT or SAT score) *Exception is Cal-Poly SLO, which also considers: –9 th grade grades –bonus for extra college prep courses –supplemental application –demonstration of involvement in area of interest? –Prefers the ACT College Systems *For more information, visit

13 CSU’sGPA SAT I (1600) ACT Bakersfield3.20 91219 Cal Maritime Academy3.36108024 *Cal Poly Pomona3.501070 26 *Cal Poly SLO3.97131829 Channel Islands3.21 984 21 *Chico3.39101822 Dominguez Hills3.07 85017 East Bay3.10100019 *Fresno3.34 913 19 *Fullerton3.481018 21 *Humboldt (2013) 3.21 99021 *Long Beach3.70112024 *Los Angeles 3.21 88517.6 *Monterey Bay3.08 97521 *Northridge3.18 927 18 *Sacramento3.25 951 21 *San Bernadino3.19 90019 *San Diego3.82115926 *San Francisco (2012) 3.18103822 *San Jose3.271036 22 *San Marcos3.24 948 19.8 *Sonoma State3.21104022 Stanislaus3.31 950 19 *Impacted Campus

14 UC (Univ. of Calif.) UC Berkeley UC Davis UCLA UC San Diego UC Santa Barbara UC Santa Cruz UC Irvine UC Merced UC Riverside For admission, UC’s look most heavily at: Comprehensive Review GPA Test Scores Strength of curriculum Essays (Personal Statements) Extracurricular activities: leadership, jobs, sports, internships, charity work, etc. College Systems *For more information, visit

15 Fall 2014 Freshman Admission Profile Averages UC’s GPA SAT I (2400) ACT UC Berkeley 4.182071 31 UC Davis 4.071924 28 UC Irvine 4.051867 27 UCLA 4.172067 30 UC Merced 3.611638 24 UC Riverside 3.771739 25 UC San Diego 4.132018 30 UC Santa Barbara 4.031925 29 UC Santa Cruz 3.821782 26

16 Important Considerations for UC Admissions –Complete the 15 UC-required college-preparatory (“a-g”) courses, with 11 of those done by end of 11 th grade –A minimum of 7 “a-g” courses must be completed in the 11 th and 12 th grade years –Take Honors, AP, or IB coursework when possible –Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better –Take the ACT with writing and/or SAT 1 –Subject Tests recommended (not required)

17 Private Colleges BIOLA USC Stanford Point Loma Pepperdine Univ. of San Diego Loyola Marymount St. Mary’s University of Pacific College Systems Private school admission requirements vary but can include: Grades/GPA Test Scores Strength of curriculum (maintain thru Sr. yr.) Activities (sports, clubs, jobs) Leadership Community Service Essays (if required) Interviews (some private schools)

18 PSAT (Preliminary SAT) Critical to take in 11 th grade year Only offered in October each year National Merit Scholarship qualifying test (11 th grade year only)

19 The SAT & ACT Tests SAT (Redesigned SAT starts Spring, 2016)  Includes a writing segment (will be optional spring 2016)  Maximum score is 2400  Three sections: Critical Reading, Math, Writing  Math covers material through Algebra 2/Integrated III ACT  Includes an additional, optional, writing piece (required for UC’s)  Maximum score is a 36  Five sections: English, Math, Reading, Science, Writing (optional)

20 SAT Subject Tests Although Two SAT Subject Tests are no longer required for admission to the UC’s, they are still recommended. Some private schools will require them. Subject Test Offerings: * Literature * Math Level 2 * Biology* Chemistry * Physics* US History * World History* World Language *If any of you are taking Honors Pre-Calculus or an AP World Language this year, you may want to sit for the related subject test this year also.

21 NCAA – Eligibility Center  Required if planning to play division one or division two sports in college.  Apply by end of junior year (earlier is better)  Application available online at  Must also send ACT/SAT score. Code is 9999.

22 Additional Post-High School Options Art Schools Trade Schools FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) Military or Military Academies For additional resources and information, please review your Sophomore Advising Guide online on the GBHS website or in Naviance.

23 Career Center Resources College & Career Center Support: Mrs. Underwood –College and Career related presentations –Financial Aid information and forms –Scholarship information and applications –NCAA information –SAT I, SAT Subject Tests, and ACT registration and test prep –Career and college information *Keep your eye on the bulletin, the Counselor Career Center newsletter, and Naviance for up-to-date information on the latest Career Center news –College and Career Handbook – a great electronic resource for college and career related issues. Accessible from the counseling website.

24 Places to Go for Help GBHS Learning Center (a.k.a. Library) for all subject Walk in program offers a quiet place to study Librarian and Peer Tutors will be available as a resource Available Monday - Thursday from 2:35 – 3:35. Math Tutoring Center – room 651, 657, 660 (room varies by day) Walk in program Available on Monday through Thursday from 2:35 – 3:35. Student Tutors A list of student tutors may be obtained from your counselor. These are good students who have expressed an interest in tutoring others. Student tutors typically charge $10-$15 per hour. Students will need to contact the student tutors on their own to work out arrangements for tutoring. Much of our advising information is available to students and parents on our website: GBHS COUNSELING/ADVISING GBHS Counseling website

25 What’s next…. Counselors will be meeting with ALL sophomores in small groups to complete a college and career lesson in Naviance. We will meet half of the sophomore class the week of Dec. 8 th and the other half the week of January 20 th

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