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The Delta College Advantage: Transferring to the University Dr. Stacey Robles Bagnasco Counselor & Professor of Guidance.

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2 The Delta College Advantage: Transferring to the University Dr. Stacey Robles Bagnasco Counselor & Professor of Guidance

3 o The Master Plan states that students can complete their first two years of a BA program at a community college. If they meet certain requirements, they will be admitted to a UC/CSU campus. o Delta College is committed to helping students transfer to a 4-year university and obtain a college degree. California’s Master Plan for Higher Education

4 A College Education Can Open Doors:  Increasing Career Opportunities  Earning a Higher Salary  Reaching One’s Potential  Contributing to the Success of Our Community

5 CCC CSU UC California Public Higher Education Systems

6 Educational & Career Goals SJDC Associate Degrees Transfer to University Certificates

7 The Delta College Advantage o Open admission o Lowest cost of any postsecondary institution o Awards generous financial aid packages o Special services: EOPS, DSPS, counseling, and tutoring o Wide range of academic programs to choose from

8 1.Have not decided on an academic/career goal. 2.Need more time to explore and prepare. 3.Have not met the requirements for freshman admissions to a university. 4.Are not ready to leave home. 5.Wish to pursue an Associate’s Degree. 6.Want to save $$. The Delta College Advantage

9 Tips While In High School… o Apply for admissions o Take classes through the College Early Start program o Prepare for the assessment test (COMPASS) o Attend a New Student Group Advising session (NSGA)

10 4 Year College Degree Transfer students complete their first 2 years Freshman & Sophomore = Delta College Transfer students complete their last 2 years Junior & Senior = University

11 Basic CSU, UC, and Pacific Information

12 What do I take at Delta College? 60 Units Lower Division: 1.GE 2.Major Prep 3.Graduation Reqs. 4.Electives

13 What do I take when I transfer? 60 Units Upper Division: 1. Upper GE 2. Upper Division Major 3. Graduation Reqs. 4. Electives TOTAL = 120 units

14 The California State University Humboldt State University (1913) S California State University, Chico (1887) S Sonoma State University (1960) S California Maritime Academy (1929) S California State University, Sacramento (1947) S San Francisco State University (1899) S California State University, Hayward (1957) Q San Jose State University (1857) S California State University, Stanislaus (1957) (4-1-4) California State University, Monterey Bay (1995) S California State University, Fresno (1911) S California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (1901) Q California State University, Bakersfield (1965) Q California State University, Northridge (1958) S California State University, Los Angeles (1947) Q California State University, Dominguez Hills (1960) Q California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (1938) Q California State University, San Bernardino (1960) Q California State University, Fullerton (1957) S California State University, Long Beach (1949) S California State University, San Marcos (1989) S San Diego State University (1897) S CSU

15 CSU Transfer Admissions As Upper Division Junior o Achievement of a minimum 2.0 GPA or better o Completion of 60 or more CSU semester units o Pre-major courses o General Education courses are from the CSU General Education Pattern or IGETC o The Golden Four: Eng 1A, Eng 1B/1D, Com Stu 1A, Transferable math

16 CSU Priority Admission CSU Stanislaus and Sacramento State University will give priority admission to students who attend Delta College

17 CCC-to-UC Transfer 1 year UC persistence rate = 92.2% BA degree = 2.4 years Graduation rate = 85.3% 90% of admitted transfers at UCD were from CCC

18 CCC-to-UC Transfer  UC gives priority admissions to qualified junior transfer students from all California Community Colleges (CCC).  Over 85,000 CCC students have been offered admissions to the UC in the past 5 years.  One in three UC degrees are awarded to students who started out at a California community college.

19 UC Transfer Admissions As Upper Division Junior o Complete 60 semester UC units with at least a 2.4 GPA or higher o Complete Eng 1A, 1B/1D, transferable math & GE courses from IGETC o See a counselor

20 UC Personal Statement Special talents Achievements Awards Projects Where you grew up Your family background Challenges you’ve overcome Personal Info

21 University of California Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) o UC Davis o UC Irvine o UC Merced o UC Riverside o UC San Diego (last year) o UC Santa Barbara o UC Santa Cruz

22 TAG Criteria  30 UC units completed at the time agreement is written  Each UC has a specific GPA requirement (3.0)  Agreement is written one year from transfer  Additional criteria for selective majors (major prep courses, specific GPA in the major)  Recommend student see a counselor September of the year before transfer

23 UC TAG website

24 UC – Blue & Gold Plan Covers your educational fees if:  You are a California resident  Your family earns less than $80,000 a year and you qualify for financial aid  Blue + Gold students with sufficient financial need can qualify for more grants to help reduce the cost of attending

25 Undocumented Students  Dream Act: Fee waiver & other scholarships  $1 million donated to UC Berkeley for undocumented student scholarships(12/12)  Go to E-Services Lab, 1 st Floor DeRicco, for assistance

26 PACIFIC Degrees & Programs  Recommend at least a 3.0 GPA in UC coursework  Recommend 60 UC semester units & Pacific GE Pattern  Letter of rec from counselor/professor  Personal statement

27 2013-2014 Per Year Tuition & Fees CCC = $1000 CSU = $6000-$7000 UC = $13000-$15000 Private/Pacific = $38000 * This is an estimate. CSU, UC & private colleges fees vary.

28 Delta College and Beyond… o Meet with a counselor at least once a semester or year. o Take English and math courses as soon as possible! o Select a major and complete all pre-major courses. o Take a career class if undecided. o Talk to a faculty member who teaches a subject in your major during his/her office hours.

29 Counseling & Special Services o The Counseling Faculty provide a wide array of services: o Personal, academic, transfer, and career counseling o Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) o Student Education Plan (SEP)

30 Career Transfer Center  College Rep Visits  Field Trips to Universities  UC/CSU Application Workshops  UC TAG Assistance  Resource Library and Computer Lab  Career classes for undecided majors (Guid 30, 31, 32)  Transition to the University (Guid 20)

31 Think Transfer. Come see me at the Career Transfer Center table in Danner Hall Or visit us in the CTC located @ DeRicco Student Services Bldg., 2 nd Floor Dr. Stacey Robles Bagnasco

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