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Chatsworth High School Graduation Requirements & College Entrance Requirements.

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1 Chatsworth High School Graduation Requirements & College Entrance Requirements

2 To Graduate you Must: Have 230 Credits Pass the Core Curriculum Complete a Service Learning Project Pass the CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam)

3 Where do the Credits come from? Every class you pass is worth 5 credits. You take 6 classes each semester. If you pass all of your classes for the entire year, you will have 60 credits. If you pass all of your classes for all 4 years, you will have 240 credits. Every class you pass is worth 5 credits. You take 6 classes each semester. If you pass all of your classes for the entire year, you will have 60 credits. If you pass all of your classes for all 4 years, you will have 240 credits. Every class you pass is worth 5 credits. You take 6 classes each semester. If you pass all of your classes for the entire year, you will have 60 credits. If you pass all of your classes for all 4 years, you will have 240 credits.

4 How do I become a Senior? Freshman 0 to 54 credits Sophomore 55 credits Junior 110 credits Senior 170 credits 230 credits to receive a H.S. diploma

5 Core Curriculum 4 Years of English 3 Years of Social Studies 2 Years of College Prep Math 2 Years of College Prep Science 2 Years of PE 1 Year Visual Performing Art 1 Year Applied Technology 1 Semester of Health 1 Semester of Lifeskills or AVID

6 5 Learning Academies at CHS Arts & Media : creative, performing, related technical arts International Business & Government Careers : leadership, business, trade, entrepreneurship Engineering & Design : digital imaging, robotics, drafting & design Humanitas Academy of Education & Human Services : social, political, psychological foundations of American culture; education, social work, public service Medical Careers : health care industry

7 California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) Must pass the CAHSEE to receive a High School Diploma in the State of California Take it for the 1 st time in 10 th Grade Must pass both Math and English sections (with a score of 350 for each section) –If you pass one and not the other, you only have to re-take the section you did not pass. –There are opportunities to re-take it if you do not pass it.

8 Community Service Requirement To participate in the Graduation Ceremony at the end of your Senior Year, you must: –Complete 20 Hours of Community Service ( In addition to the Service Learning Project – a LAUSD Graduation Requirment )

9 What if I Fail a Class or need to Make-up Credits? Go to Summer School Go to Adult School Take an ROP course off campus Take a class at a Community College Take Work Experience –Earn credits while you work your part-time job! –Earn 5 or 10 credits depending on the hours you work.

10 Four Systems of Higher Education in California Community College –Pierce, Valley, Mission, Moorpark, College of the Canyons California State University (CSU) –CSUN, Cal State L.A., San Diego State, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo University of California (UC) –UCLA, UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego Private –USC, Pepperdine, Stanford, Otis Art College

11 Community Colleges Two-Year Schools No subject requirements; Must be 18 years old or a High School Graduate No tests required (No SAT or ACT) Options include Certificate programs, Associates Degree, or Transfer to 4-Year Colleges

12 California State University (CSU) 23 campuses 4 year Universities with degree programs (Bachelors and Graduate Level) A-G Requirements must be met Minimum GPA of *2.0 (3.0 recommended) SAT Reasoning (Critical Reading and Math) or ACT * For GPA’s between 2.0-2.9, students must determine minimum eligibility (Eligibility Index). For example: –2.0 = 1300 SAT (CR & Math only) or 30 ACT –2.5 = 900 SAT (CR & Math only) or 20 ACT –2.9 = 510 SAT (CR & Math only) or 10 ACT

13 University of California (UC) 9 undergraduate campuses; 1 graduate campus Four-Year Universities with degree programs (Bachelors, Graduate, and Professional) A-G Requirements must be met At least 3.0 GPA in (A-G) subjects (Should have a much higher GPA for most campuses) SAT Reasoning (Critical Reading, Math, and Writing) or ACT; and two SAT Subject Tests

14 Eligibility in the Local Context (ELC) Top 4 percent of students at CHS will be designated UC-eligible based on the coursework taken (A-G requirements) 5 campuses currently accept ELC students automatically: UC Irvine, UC Riverside, UC Merced, UC Santa Barbara, UC Davis –UC Santa Cruz, UCLA, UC San Diego, UC Berkeley all take ELC in consideration but acceptance is not automatic

15 CSU/UC A-G Requirements A. 2 years World History, US History, or Government B. 4 years college prep English C. 3 years math - Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 D. 2 years lab science E. 2 years same foreign language F. 1 year same visual/performing art (ex: Painting AB) G. 1 year advanced courses in math, English, lab science, foreign language or social sciences

16 Private Programs vary according to size Prefer students who have met the UC/CSU A-G requirements with at least a 2.0** SAT I / ACT: Check catalogs for specific test requirements. **It is best to go online to get information on the college/university you are interested in for their specific entrance requirements.

17 Example of Typical 4 Year College Prep Plan 9 th Grade (Freshman) –English 9AB, Algebra 1AB, ICS1AB, Health/Lifeskills or AVID, PE, Elective or Foreign Language 10 th Grade (Sophomore) –English 10AB, Geometry AB, Biology AB, World History AB, Elective or Foreign Language (AVID to replace academic or elective class) 11 th Grade (Junior) –American Lit AB, Algebra 2AB, Chemistry AB, U.S. History AB, Fine Art Elective, Foreign Language or Other Elective/AVID 12 th Grade (Senior) –Senior English Elective/Senior Composition, *Trig/Math Analysis, Physics AB, Government/Economics, Applied Technology Elective, Foreign Language or Other Elective/AVID

18 PSAT, SAT, ACT Exams Take PSAT (Preliminary SAT Exam) in October of 10 th and 11 th grades Take SAT Reasoning/ACT during spring semester of 11 th grade For UC schools, take at least 2 SAT Subject Exams during the spring semester that you complete the class of that subject. (if taking math, take Math Level 2)

19 SAT v. ACT ACTSAT Type of testAchievement test based mostly on what you learn in classes Reasoning test assessing general ability Sections4: English, Math, Reading, Science (+ optional writing section) 3: Critical Reading, Math, Writing Length2 hours, 55 minutes (+ 30 minutes for writing section) 3 hours, 45 minutes Penalty for wrong answers NoYes Scoring method1-36 per subject; averaged for highest composite score of 36 200-800 per section; highest score of 2400 Cost$30 ($45.50 if adding writing)$43 Test dates5 test dates between September & June7 test dates between October & June

20 CSU Early Assessment Program (EAP) For 11 th grade students to determine college readiness in English and Math. Take additional section on 11 th grade CST exam Other ways to satisfy EAP: SAT/ACT/AP scores

21 Websites to Check Out – current CHS college center news, events, college info, scholarship info – financial aid info; fafsa4caster – of dollars in scholarships available to students! – CSU information; A-G tracker – college bound athletes; Eligibility Center – college/career exploration, free interest inventory; school code: 050528

22 Using Myroad Go to Sign up as a new user Use school code: 050528 After creating your profile, go to “I.D. Me” to take an Interest Inventory to begin your career/college major exploration!

23 Clubs, Activities, Athletics There are over thirty clubs and organizations on campus. Chatsworth High School has a variety of girl’s and boy’s athletic programs that have won many city championship titles. Community Service is highly encouraged by all colleges & universities. GET INVOLVED!!!

24 Specialized Academic Programs School For Advanced Studies (SAS) Honors/AP Classes AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination)

25 Know Your Support Staff and Offices Academic Counselor Career Advisor/Counselor College Counselor Library Student Store Nurse’s Office Main Office Attendance Office

26 Get to know your Counselors! Mrs. Bryant9 th grade M-Z (SAS & AVID) Ms. Owens9 th grade A-L (Humanitas) Ms. LaraBusiness & Government SLC Ms. SchnellArts & Media SLC Mrs. RochettiMedical SLC Mrs. HobsonEngineering & Design Mrs. KrausenHumanitas Mrs. KochCollege Counselor Mr. PinaCareer Advisor

27 End of Presentation Enjoy your High School Experience!

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