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2013 SCRYE Summer Conference Presenter- Ted Cenatiempo.

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1 2013 SCRYE Summer Conference Presenter- Ted Cenatiempo

2 Plan B Benefits INBOUND -Accident & Sickness Limit $1,000,000 One Time deductible of $100 Co-insurance: 80/20 of the first $5,000, thereafter the plan pays at 100%. Out of Pocket Expenses $1,100 OUTBOUND -Accident & Sickness Limit $1,000,000 $0 deductible Co-insurance: 100% This policy covers you for: Accidents; like sprained ankles Sickness; such as colds and flu Doctors Visits Prescriptions Emergency room visits Labs, Tests and X-Rays Inpatient Hospital Stays

3 Additional Benefits Allowance of $500 to cover pre-existing conditions Mental & Nervous : $1,000 for outpatient, $25,000 inpatient Emergency Dental up to $400 (relief of pain) Trip Cancellation up to $3000 (prior to departure) Maximum benefit for Medical Evacuation- $100,000 Maximum benefit for Repatriation- $50,000 Chiropractic paid up to $50 per visit up to $500 (or 10 visits) Emergency Family Reunion benefit of $5000 for flights, meals and hotel if the insured is hospitalized in excess of 4 days and a family member travels to bedside. Round trip flight benefit of $3000 if the insured must return home due to the death or serious illness of grandparent, parent or sibling.

4 Primary Exclusions This is what CISI unfortunately cannot cover: Routine Physicals and Immunizations Along with Sports Physicals Routine Dental Care Operating a motorized vehicle Alcohol/Drug related illness/injury Vision exams, eye glasses and contact lenses

5 Provides coverage up $100,000  Political or Military Events  Natural Disasters  Physical Attacks or Threats  Kidnapped or Missing Person Very Important to list the Hosting Country (once finalized)

6 In The Event of an Emergency Europ Assistance, also known as Team Assist, is available for you around the clock! Anyone can open a case on behalf of the insured if there is an emergency Legal Assistance- lets say you are arrested and need a lawyer, TA will provide you with a lawyer and help you through the process Locating a Doctor- TA will help you locate a doctor in your host country Medical evacuation- If you need to be relocated to another hospital or to a hospital back home. TA will help you with this process Multi-lingual services are available- TA has staff members that are fluent in other languages to assist you while you are abroad Assistance in replacing passports and lost luggage TA will coordinate with the consulate to provide you with a new passport Assistance with Prescription drug shipment/replacement-TA will coordinate with a U.S. pharmacy to replace your medication (if the drug can not be found abroad)


8 How To Access Europ Assist Page




12 Emergency Contact on Evenings and Weekends CISI staff consistently works with Team Assist to help support you and your participants during a time of crisis. We are excited to announce the implementation of the CISI Crisis Team, which consists of seasoned staff who are actively involved in Emergency Assistance Cases. They are notified at the onset of every case and kept informed throughout the life of the case to ensure that appropriate actions are being taken. Ph: 203-550-9028 Email:

13  Outbound Student Claims: Students may visit any facility abroad. Ideally, facilites will bill CISI directly.  Inbound Student Claims: Inbound participants may also visit any facility, BUT, its best to utilize our First Health Network. Usual Customary and Reasonale Charges (UCR) will apply-most common charge for a particulate medical service when rendered in a particulate geographical area.

14 How to Find a Medical Facility

15 First Health Network Provider


17  Must be prescribed by a doctor or hospital  Pay for medication and submit for reimbursement with completed claim form.  Claim form must be accompanied by a prescription receipt. Cash register receipts not acceptable for inbound students. Receipt must include: Insured’s name, Physician’s name, name of medication and cost.  Outbound students only receive this type of receipt therefore it may be submitted for reimbursement with a copy of the physician’s written prescription

18 Mail to: CISI River Plaza, 9 West Broad St Stamford, CT 06902 Email to: Fax to: (203) 399-5596

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