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By: Sophia Manley, Alyssa Mora, Joe Hill, and Michael Rodgers.

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1 By: Sophia Manley, Alyssa Mora, Joe Hill, and Michael Rodgers

2   End marks indicate the end of a sentence, word, or phrase.  Types of punctuation: period, question mark, and an exclamation point. End Marks

3   Period – used to end a sentence or is used after most abbreviations What is a Period?

4   Periods are used at the end of Declarative sentences.  Periods can also be used at the end of most Imperative sentences.  Use periods to end a sentence that contains an indirect question.  Indirect question- restates a question in a declarative sentence without giving the speakers exact words. Periods at the end of Sentences

5   Ex: My favorite type of ice cream is chocolate. Declarative sentence  Ex: Please go clean up your room before you leave. Imperative sentence  Ex: John asked me if I wanted to go to dinner with him. Indirect question Examples for periods in sentences

6   A period will be used after most abbreviations and initials.  Ex: Saint- St., Mister-Mr., Misses- Mrs., Avenue- Ave., Sophia F. Manley  The abbreviation for inch, in., is the only measurement that requires a period after it.  When a sentence ends with an abbreviation do not put an extra period.  Ex: Today, we will be driving down Main St. Abbreviations and Initials

7   Acronyms- words that are formed with the first letters of each word inside of a name or title  Acronyms will never have periods  Ex: SWAT- Special Weapons And Tactics Acronyms

8   Question mark- used after a word, phrase, or sentence that asks a question Using Question Marks

9   Interrogative sentence- a sentence that asks a question  A question mark always ends interrogative sentences.  Ex: Do you like the shoes that are being sold in the mall? Interrogative Sentences

10   A question mark is needed after a word or phrase that asks a question.  Many times a word or phrase is used to ask a question, but this type of question is punctuated as a complete sentence. The words that are left out are easily understood.  Ex: I would like to go to the movies with you. When? Words or phrases that ask questions

11   Exclamation marks- used to end words or phrases, exclamatory sentences, or imperative sentences with strong emotion.  Ex: That rollercoaster was so much fun!- exclamatory sentence Exclamation Marks

12   An exclamation mark is needed after an imperative sentence that gives a forceful or urgent command.  Ex: Don’t climb up the tree during the night! Imperative Sentences

13   Interjections are ended with an exclamation mark, but only if it shows strong emotion.  Ex: Wow! Look at how big that sticky note is.  Don’t use exclamation points too often, because overusing them reduces their emotion and makes writing less effective.  Incorrect: Wow! That painting is amazing!  Correct: Wow! That painting is amazing. Interjections

14   Spring Break was last week, and it was very fun  Ouch That really hurt, Charlie  Did you see who won the Final Four  I can’t believe the weather yesterday  What did Mrs McKenna name her baby  Alyssa asked me if I wanted to go get ice cream Where Activity


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