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Updates and improvements to your liftshare system.

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1 Updates and improvements to your liftshare system

2 Member home page Attractive new member homepage makes it easier for users to find a match, add a new journey and navigate around their account.

3 Members’ ‘Journey’ page The new ‘Journeys’ page provides a clearer list of all the journeys members have registered, and makes it easier to search or edit journey details. A function currently only available on is posting the journey to Facebook. This feature is soon to be available to clients.

4 Journey details page A much more user-friendly ‘Journey details’ page allows members to add via points to their journey and get driving directions. The journey page also shows who you are sharing the journey with. (The option on to post your journey to Facebook will also be available shortly.)

5 Messages The ‘Messages’ page has been updated and is easier to navigate

6 Contacts The ‘Contacts’ page now makes it clearer and easier for members to update their sharing status and to create BUDi teams. This helps you - the car-share manager - to see who is sharing with whom. (The example scheme used here allows member photos)

7 BUDi teams Creating a BUDi team is now very quick and easy. Just click on ‘Not currently sharing’ then confirm that you are sharing and fill in the BUDi team information. Done!

8 Avatars All users can now choose from a selection of avatars, making each member profile more friendly. The majority of schemes also allow personal photos; members of these groups can choose between an avatar and their own photo.

9 Savings calculator The Cost Calculator (which will become the Savings Calculator) is a lot clearer, more visually attractive and more user-friendly for members.

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