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Radiant-Seacom Repairs

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1 Radiant-Seacom Repairs
RMA Self Service Portal Training

2 The web location of the portal is:
The Radiant-Seacom Repairs RMA website is a “self- service” 24x7 portal that allows our customers to quickly generate an RMA number and ship products minimizing wait times. In addition, the packing slips generate a “QR Code” that improves the efficiency of the RMA process. The web location of the portal is:

3 Although the account will need approval to submit RMAs, you can still log in.
A green “Registration Successful” message will appear once registered. The first step to using the RMA portal is to “Register for an Account”.

4 Note that the Account is in “Pending” status.
Once the billing info is saved, click on the “Return Address Book”. Note that the Account is in “Pending” status. The next step is to log in and fill-out the Billing Information.

5 Click the “Add New” button to add a Return Shipment Address

6 Press “Save” to go back to the Return Addresses screen.
The Shipping Account information is required for the address.

7 You can add additional addresses by clicking “Add New”.

8 Set your default Return Address on the “Account Details” page.

9 Waiting for Activation
- During registration, you should have received an indicating the following: Thank you for registering with Radiant-Seacom Repairs.  Please allow 1 business day for a member of our staff to review your account. Account is subject to Visual Compliance Screening.  If you have not submitted End User Certification already, please do so by ing/faxing us your forms.  Exemptions to the End User Certification: - If your business has already established trade with Radiant Power Corp and/or Dukane-Seacom, and we have an Export Compliance Statement on file - If your business is an Airline and the product is for your direct use only You will receive an when your account has been activated.  If you have not done so already, please fill out the "Billing" and "Return Address Book" sections on the RMA site.  Addresses are required for creating an RMA. If you have any questions, please us or give us a call and we'll be more than happy to assist you. Sincerely, Radiant-Seacom Repairs (941) phone (941) fax

10 When you receive the “Activation” email, you will be able to create an RMA.

11 Continue to fill in the PO #, Part #, Quantity, and RMA Type.
This 1-click creation process will pre-populate your Company information.

12 Enter in the Serial number(s), and a description.
Select the dropdowns and add an attachment (if applicable).

13 Press “Proceed” to go back to the dashboard.
Press “Print” to print the RMA and include it with your shipment. After pressing “Submit”, your RMA will be created.

14 Reprints and Password changes can be done in the right menu.
A green “Success” message will be displayed, along with the recent RMA.

15 Registration Summary - Register your account on - Login, add the billing and return shipment addresses, also setting the default shipment location. - the “End User Certifications” and/or “Export Compliance Statement” (if applicable) - Wait for the “Activation” on the account

16 RMA Creation Summary - Log into your account on - Press the “Create RMA” button - Fill in all of the required fields, review the terms, and press “Submit” - Print the RMA page, and include it with your shipment - Send the shipment to: RADIANT-SEACOM REPAIRS th St E Suite 101 Sarasota, FL USA *Include the RMA# on the outside of the box

17 Please contact
QUESTIONS? Please contact OR (941) v

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