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Austrália Vincent Čurlej.

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1 Austrália Vincent Čurlej

2 Political system: Federation - formally under the administration of Great Britain 6 states: New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania Federal Territories: Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory Vonkajšie (zámorské) územia: Coral Sea Islands, Cocos Islands, Christmas Island, Norfolk Island, Lord Howe Island, Heard and McDonald Island

3 Head of State The Queen represented by the Governor
geographical location Australia washes Indian Ocean. Is the smallest continent in the world. The Australian mainland has the following characteristic points: Northernmost site: Cape York Cape Easternmost site: Cape Byron Southernmost place: southeast Cape Westernmost point: Cape brusque.

4 Breakdown Cover a large part of Australia deserts and dry plains. Mountains, which are beyond the normal image of local nature, are located in the east of the country. The highest peak of Mount Kosciusko reaches a height of 2,230 meters above sea level. Despite this mountain, Australia is considered to be the flattest continent.

5 Area kilometrov štvorcových počet obyvateľov 17,9 mil. obyvateľov

6 Population The population of Australia is made up of less than two percent of indigenous people (Native) and the rest are immigrants. Practically constitute a majority of residents from European countries (mostly British). In recent years, increasing numbers of immigrants from Asia.

7 Canberra  National Library, Australian Academy of Sciences, Botanical Gardens, Parliament House, National Gallery of Australia, Technical and Scientific Centre Questacon Brisbane - Zoological and Botanical Garden, University of r. 1909 Adelaide - Zoological and Botanical Garden, University of r. 1874 Perth - Adventure World is just 10 km from the city

8 Sydney The biggest architectural attraction is undoubtedly the Opera House and Symphony Hall in Sydney. White shells and seized lovers sights that many people perhaps thanks to this site indicate the error Sydney the capital of Australia.

9 Great Barrier Reef largest coral reef in the world measured up to 2300 km. It covers an area of incredible 348,000 km square. Live on the reef huge amount of fish, about 400 species of coral, algae, and many species of molluscs. The highest peak: Mount Kosciusko meria metrov Lowest point: Lake Eyre in the minus 16 meters

10 Thank you for your attention

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