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Stop Animal Abuse By Viviana Aguirre and Melissa Tapia.

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1 Stop Animal Abuse By Viviana Aguirre and Melissa Tapia

2 Animal Abuse Statistics (2007) 64.5% (1,212) involved dogs 18% (337) involved cats 25% (470) involved other animals Pitbulls are most likely victims of animal cruelty In the U.S. 1.13 millions are used in research every year

3 Animals cannot speak for themselves but we can Just because they don’t speak does not mean they cant feel

4 Different Types of Abuse Physical abuse is when you hit an animal -physical abuse is hitting an animal, throwing, and setting it on fire Unintentional is when you don’t know you’re abusing them -leaving a dog in a car on a hot day with the windows sealed -leaving a dog tied up for a long time

5 Different Types of Abuse When you try to train your animals but you use abusive force Not paying attention is another form of unintentional abuse -not feeding your animal -not exercising your animal -not caring for your animal when sick -animal hoarding

6 Physical and Unintentional Abuse

7 Statistics

8 Physical Abuse

9 Animal Cruelty Animal abuse happens in every city abuse sometimes isn’t as noticeable as the pet owners who beat their pets Most common household pets are cats and dogs Animal abuse is a people problem because they are the ones who treat their animals bad An animal being abused can turn on its owner

10 Ways to prevent animal cruelty When suspecting animal abuse contact your local police department Teach your kids how to handle animals the right way Support your local animal shelter Take good care of your animals Donate to local shelters to help them get the money they need to save animals


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