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QUINTE HUMANE SOCIETY Helping those who cannot speak for themselves.

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1 QUINTE HUMANE SOCIETY Helping those who cannot speak for themselves.

2 THE AREA WE COVER All of Prince Edward and Hastings Counties We have 3 Investigators who respond to calls No other organization investigates cruelty to Animals within this geographic area.

3 Issues: We respond to calls of: Abuse Neglect Abandonment Cruelty Distress Puppy mills Illegal animal fighting

4 What we do Protect Offer assistance Educate Removal of animals in distressful situations Supply water and food Obtain search warrants File charges Seek medical attention for those animals in need

5 Funding We receive no government funding WE RELY ON FUND RAISING All other sources of money are from donations and legacies

6 Our Costs At the end of 2011 our direct operating expenditures were: $509,501.00 Unfortunatley our costs are always rising due to veterinary costs, heating, gas and food. Our shelter staff have been making low wages. They are there for the love of the animals. We only have 5 full time staff and 3 investigators that handle all issues.

7 Our Family Our shelter is home to approx. 3000 Animals Per year and this number is rising as our population grows. We take in any animal that is in need. Our investigation team work to stop the suffering.

8 CRUELTY COMPLAINTS We have attended investigations in: Picton, Milford, Demorestville, Consecon, Cherry Valley, Carrying Place (PEC side) Bloomfield and Ameliasburgh With a total of 51 in your jurisdiction alone

9 Who we have helped This dog lived it’s life in this deplorable condition until we came to his rescue.

10 Farm Animals We do not just look after household pets!

11 Hoarding of Animals In one situation 61 dogs, 6 cats, 4 birds and 8 small animals were taken in by our shelter from your area. In just 2 days our costs were $10,000.00 due to vet bills, medications and special foods and treatments. The public did help out, but not nearly enough


13 If everyone could do their part We are asking for an amount of $2,000 to help us fund our investigations in your area. I will be making requests from the other Communities in the hopes that as a group the financial responsibilities are shouldered by all. It is also our wish that you could make this a yearly contribution to our cause.

14 We can’t save everyone, but we can try to put an end to their suffering

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