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Kindhearted Kids Program! Click on a student picture to learn more about the topic. Click on the home button to return back to this page. Use the arrows.

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2 Kindhearted Kids Program! Click on a student picture to learn more about the topic. Click on the home button to return back to this page. Use the arrows to move forward and backward in the presentation. Click on the Two by Two logo above to visit their web site. Responsibilities Cost of Pets Safety Vocabulary

3 Responsibilities ExerciseCleaning Up Spay & Neuter Protection Food & Water Teaching Behaviors Pet Care

4 Water and food are important for cats and dogs. Fresh water is very important. Food is important, too. Water and food are good for them. Pets need to be fed and watered two times a day. -Colin Food and Water

5 If I walk my dog twice a day, she will be good. She needs to exercise too, so I have to run her everyday. You still have to give her a treat because she was good. I have to play with her, otherwise she would feel left out. You might have to give her some balls. You can throw them to play with your pet. -Chloe Exercise

6 I need to be responsible for cleaning up after my pet goes to the bathroom. If I take my pet on a walk, I have to bring a bag to use if my pet goes to the bathroom. I have to brush and bathe my pet every month. -Zander Cleaning Up

7 Keep your pet close to you when you are outside. Always keep your pet on a leash, too. Hug your pet. Care for your pet. -Harrison Protection

8 Your pet can have one litter or you can spay or neuter it. Be responsible for your pets and take care of your pets. If you don’t want your cat or dog to have babies, then spay or neuter them. -Logan Spay & Neuter

9 It is important to get an I.D. tag for your pet because it might get lost and nobody can find it. You need to buy food so it won’t die. You need to buy toys for it so it can play and take it for a walk. Take it to the vet so it can be spade or neutered so it doesn’t have babies. Be responsible and don’t be mean to your dog or cat. Give it medicine so it won’t get sick. Take care of it and put it in a cage when you are gone. Always give fresh water and food two times a day. -Azaria Pet Care

10 Be a good pet owner. Teach your pet to be obedient. Teach your pet to not climb things or break your stuff. Get an I.D. tag. Buy food for your pet and let them drink fresh water. Put a leash on your pet when you are walking it. Make sure the leash is on tight. -Peyton Teaching Behaviors

11 Cost of Pets Vet Care I.D. Tags Household Items Toys

12 Animals need toys to play with. When you get a pet you need balls for them to play with. Balls cost 5 dollars. Dogs need bones so they don’t chew your stuff. Bones cost 5 dollars. Cats need scratching posts to scratch their nails. Scratching posts cost 10 dollars. -Brittani Toys

13 Spay or neuter your pet or else overpopulation will happen. For shots and medication it will cost over 600 dollars. You will need to get rabies shots for 25 dollars. Spaying your pet costs 105 dollars and neutering your pet costs 75 dollars. Spaying is for a girl cat or dog. Neutering is for a boy cat or dog. -Justin Vet Care

14 On your I.D. tags it needs your pet’s name. Next, you need to put your phone number. You buy I.D. tags at the pet shop. They are important because you might lose your pet if you don’t have I.D. tags on them. -Sarah I.D. Tags

15 My dog will need bowls, food, a cage, a brush, a collar, shampoo, toys, and a bed. I will need a brush to brush him everyday. I will need a cage to keep him in it just in case I leave and I can’t take him. I will need shampoo to wash him up. I need a toy so he can chew on it for his gums. I need a bed so he can lay on it. For the shampoo and the collar I will spend five dollars for my Two by Two pet. For the cage and the bowl I will spend ten dollars for my Two by Two pet. -Larissa Household Items

16 Safety Protecting Property How to Pet a Dog Strange Dogs Walking With a Leash

17 If you see a dog guarding some property just walk on by. If you stare at it, the chances are you won’t have a pretty face anymore. They might scratch your face, attack you, or bite. Dogs like to protect their food, house, yard, chew toy or owner. It is a good thing that they protect their property because if a stranger walks up, the dog will probably attack them. -Jennifer Protecting Property

18 Ask the owner to pet the dog. Before you pet the dog, let the dog smell your hand. Tuck in your fingers so the dog doesn’t bite your fingers. When the dog stops smelling your hand, you can pet the dog. At first pet the dog slowly to see if the dog likes it. -Neena How to Pet a Dog

19 If you see a strange dog and it starts chasing you, stand like a tree. If a strange dog pushes you over, lay like a log. If you see a strange dog, do not try to pet it. The pet might bite you. If you do not know the dog, do not pet it. -Kalyn Strange Dogs

20 You should walk your pet on a leash so your pet will not run off. When you’re walking your dog and you go past another dog, you pull the leash and walk away so they don’t fight. When you walk your dog to the park to play, you should bring a plastic bag with you because if they poop you will have to pick it up with the plastic bag. -Alexis Walking With a Leash

21 Pet Vocabulary Companion & Wild Animals Canines & Felines OverpopulationResponsibilities Cruelty & KindnessFoster Pet Parent

22 I can be a foster pet parent. They take care of dogs and cats when their owners are gone. I protect my pet when I keep it away from other dogs and cats. I can protect my pets from the cars by not letting them run in the street. -Griffin Foster Pet Parent

23 Spay and neuter your pet after the first litter and then they won’t have more babies. Overpopulation is when there are too many animals for you to take care of. It will cost $135 to $105 to neuter a pet. -Darriel Overpopulation

24 A canine is a dog and a feline is a cat. Canines and felines are different because canines and felines do different things. Canines like taking walks, but felines get upset when they have leashes. Canines and felines are separate because canines often don’t like cats and felines often don’t like dogs. -Nicholas Canines & Felines

25 Companion animals are animals that can live in your home. Wild animals are animals that can not live in your home. When you see a wild animal, just leave them alone and just look or learn about them. Companion animals can be cats and dogs. Wild animals can be tigers, bear, and lions, too. Sometimes companion animals and wild animals get along. -Marcus Companion & Wild Animals

26 Cruelty is not watering, feeding, or loving your pets. Sometimes pet owners swear at their pets or they might even try to kick them. Kindness is watering, feeding, and loving your pets. Another way to show kindness is taking them for walks, playing with them, and letting them take naps. Another name for a dog is a canine. Another name for a cat is a feline. -Calvin Cruelty & Kindness

27 You need to walk your dog because dogs need exercise. Make sure you spay or neuter your pet so there is not overpopulation. Make sure you give your dog or cat food so they do not starve. Make sure you get an I.D. tag so your pet will not get lost. -Payton Responsibilities

28 Created by: Ms. Schaefer’s 2nd Grade class with Mrs. Dostal Lincoln School 2010

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