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No Excuse For Animal Abuse By: Yoanca Reyes and Nicole Cortez.

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1 No Excuse For Animal Abuse By: Yoanca Reyes and Nicole Cortez

2 The Animals All kinds of animals are abused. Pretty much every species is abused and neglected. A few of the species are cats, dogs, cows, pigs, chicken, etc. Domestic animals such as cats and dogs are usually affected by the cruelty of some cold hearted humans. Farm animals are mistreated for the short life they have and it’s not right. Animals can’t defend themselves, but I know for a fact that if they could, they would put a stop to animal abuse that surrounds this nation from lab testing to factory farming.

3 Domestic Animals Domestic animals include cats and dogs, these animals can be found in 63% of households in the United States according to an article in ASPCA. Domestic violence contributes to the abuse of pets. If there is domestic violence, there is a high possibility that a pet in the same household can be treated with violence too. The HSUS estimates that almost 1 million animals per year are abused or even killed in a connection with domestic violence. Domestic animals are being used for lab testing and for entertainment like dog fights.

4 How Domestic Animals Are Abused Domestic animals can be abused in many ways. Some ways are o Being put in small cages. o Under or overfed. o Physically hit or punched. o Having too many animals in a house (animal hoarding). o Neglect. o Being tied up for too long.

5 How Domestic Animals Are Abused (Continued) In some places, dogs are skinned alive for their fur. In other places, dogs are also killed for their meat. It is mainly dogs that are abused. Dogs and cats are killed in shelters after a certain amount of time.

6 Farm Animals A factory farm is a large scale industrial operation that keeps thousands of animals raised for food. Most of them are located in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Illinois, and Missouri. Animals in factory farms are injected with hormones and antibiotics to prevent disease and bacteria from spreading in their bodies. They have contaminated 35,000 miles of rivers in 22 different states. The animals can still transmit bacteria into our bodies when we eat or drink the products.

7 How Farm Animals Are Abused in Factory Farms Mother pigs spend their entire pregnancies in narrow cages. Workers kick, hit, and yell at the pigs to move. Workers rip into the pigs skin and cut out their testicles and chop of their tails without anesthesia. Sick pigs are killed by throwing them head first onto the pavement and gassing them with carbon dioxide Pigs are branded by hitting them with metal spike mallets. At the slaughter houses they are hit on the head with steel rods, hung upside down,and have their throats slit. Male chicks are quickly grinded up alive, or are suffocated in a bag.

8 How Farm Animals Are Abused In Factory Farms (Continued) Female chicks have parts of their beaks cut off by a hot, metal blade. Then they are put in small, crowded cages for the rest of their lives. Workers stomp on the hens, throw them on top of the dead ones, beat them to death, or mangle their spines to break their necks. They are ripped from their cages and are thrown into bins to be suffocated with carbon dioxide. At the slaughter house they are snapped upside down onto shackles, then they have their necks slit, afterwards they are drowned in hot water to loosen their feathers. Calves are dragged away from their mothers and killed.

9 How Farm Animals Are Abused in Factory Farms (Continued) Cows spend their entire lives on concrete floors or are dragged into mud lots. Workers amputate the cows horns without anesthesia by burning into the cows skull. Then they get their tails cut off. They are stabbed with pitchforks, beaten with crowbars, and are punched. Cows that are sick are left to slowly suffer and die. Cows get their throats cut and are fully aware the entire time.

10 Factory Farm Map

11 Facts/Statistics The dog is 64.5% of 1,880 reported animals to be mistreated. Other animals including farm raised animals like pigs, cows, and horses create the next bundle of abused animals at a rate of 25%. The rate of mistreated cats is at 18%. These statistics are from 2007 and according to the Humane Society of the United States they are increasing each year. California ranks first in factory farmed dairy production. Some restaurants buy the produce even though they know how the animals are tortured.

12 Animal Abuse Photos

13 How To Stop Animal Cruelty 1.Report animal abuse when you see it. 2.Don’t buy pets from animal mills. 3.Prevent neglect to your pets by showing them how much you care. 4.Get to know and look out for the animals in your neighborhood. 5.Vote yes to strong anticruelty animal laws. 6.Set a good example for others by not mistreating your pets. 7.Support your local shelter.

14 Credits ASPCA HSUS “From Farm To Fridge: The Truth Behind Meat Production” -Youtube

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