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5th president 2 terms ( ) by Marion 4S

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1 5th president 2 terms (1816-1824) by Marion 4S
James Monroe 5th president 2 terms ( ) by Marion 4S

2 Introduction Born: April 28, 1750 Died: July 4, 1831 Date Elected: 1816 Political Party: Democratic – Republican Interesting Fact: In 1817 James Monroe became the 1st president to travel by steamboat.

3 Early Life James Monroe was the eldest son of Spence and Elizabeth Monroe. Monroe had one sister and three brothers. James was sixteen when Spence Monroe died. In 1774 James Monroe went to Collage of Mary and William but before that he attended Campbelltown Academy. When James was eighteen he joined the Continental Army.

4 Family Life On February 16th ,1786 James married Elizabeth Kortight . In 1787 Eliza Monroe was born and in Maria Monroe was born.

5 Election James Monroe ran against Federalist Rufus King in an election in 1816.Monroe won this election by along shot and the results were Monroe-183 King-34. When in office Monroe chose Daniel D. Tompkins to be vice president.

6 Significant Events In Presidency
Some important things Monroe did in presidency are that he signed the Missouri Compromise and said that Maine was a free state and Missouri was a slave state. Monroe also organized the Spain Treaty and brought peace between us and Spain.

7 Life Accomplishments Some of Monroe’s accomplishments are that he helped Washington become president in 1789, Monroe was elected for 2 terms the 1st term on March 4th,1817 and his 2nd term on March 5th ,1821, and he signed the transcendental treaty in 1819.

8 Interesting Facts In 1817 Monroe became the 1st President ever to travel by steamboat. During Monroe’s presidency, 5 new states joined the nation, Mississippi, Illinois, Alabama, Maine, Missouri. One of Monroe’s classmates at Campbelltown Academy was John Marshall. Marshall became Chief Justice in the U.S Supreme Court in 1801. Monroe is not the only president to have died on July 4th. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both died on July 4th, 1826.

9 Work Cited http: // Grolier Online Kids James Monroe, 5th president of the United States, by Megan M. Gunderson

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