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The First Five American Presidents

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1 The First Five American Presidents
Hail to the Chief The First Five American Presidents

2 George Washington As President Only President unanimously elected
Federal Court System started while he was president Had no political party (political parties started while in office) Bill of Rights added to Constitution Only president to not live in Washington, D.C. – but plans for the city laid out while he was president. Set many precedents

3 George Washington In the Revolution
Nominated as commander in chief by John Adams Won and lost several early battles Excellent military leader Accepted the British surrender at Yorktown in 1781 Born February 22, 1732 in Virginia Died December 14, 1799 Had no formal education Fought in the French and Indian War Never had wooden teeth Married Martha Custis and gained a lot of land


5 John Adams As President
Member of the Federalists (two political parties emerged while he was president) Troubles with France Thomas Jefferson was his Vice President First president to live in the White House Passed the Alien and Sedition Acts

6 John Adams Born October 22, 1735 in Massachusetts
Grandparents landed at Plymouth with the Pilgrims Went to Harvard College Defended the British soldiers involved in the Boston Massacre In the Continental Congresses Signed the Declaration of Independence During the Revolutionary War, served as an ambassador Served as George Washington’s Vice President Holds the record for casting the most tie-breaking votes in the Senate Lived longer than any other president (90 years, 247 days) – record broken in 2006 Died on July 4, 1826

7 Thomas Jefferson As President
First president inaugurated in Washington, D.C. Purchased the Louisiana Territory from France ($11 million, 3 cents an acre) Sent Lewis and Clark to explore the new territory First president to shake visitors hands His Vice President, Aaron Burr, shot and killed a man in a duel

8 Thomas Jefferson George Washington’s Secretary of State
John Adam’s Vice President Founded the University of Virginia Loved architecture - designed his home at Monticello and the Virginia State Capital building Died on the 4th of July (same day as John Adams) Born in Virginia 1758 Went to the College of William & Mary Served in the House of Burgesses and the Continental Congresses Wrote and signed the Declaration of Independence During the Revolutionary War, served as an ambassador Wrote the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom


10 James Madison As President The War of 1812 (Washington, D.C. burned)
First president to have served in Congress (Representative) Shortest president (5’ 4”)and the first to wear trousers Let the charter on the First National Bank expire 2 states joined the Union Had two vice presidents die while he was in office

11 James Madison Born in Virginia 1751
Graduated from College of New Jersey (now Princeton) Portrait is on the $5000 bill Died in June 1836 Wrote the Virginia Plan for the Constitutional Convention Father of the Constitution Wrote the Bill of Rights Opposed Alexander Hamilton and the National Bank Democratic-Republican Jefferson’s Secretary of State

12 James Monroe As President
Issued the Monroe Doctrine – told Europe to stay out of the affairs in the Western Hemisphere First Senator to be president Signed the Missouri Compromise (made states in the South “slave” and states in the North “free”) 5 states joined the Union Daughter was married at the White House (first wedding there)

13 James Monroe Fought in the Revolutionary War  wounded in the Battle of Trenton Pictured in painting Washington Crossing the Delaware Born in Virginia 1758 Graduated from the College of William and Mary Democratic-Republican Cabinet member for James Madison Only president other than Washington to have a capital city named after him (Monrovia, Liberia) Died on the 4th of July, five years after Jefferson and Adams


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