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Andrew Jackson By: Nicole Curator’s Office Sources Cited.

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1 Andrew Jackson By: Nicole Curator’s Office Sources Cited

2 Background Information
Andrew Jackson was born in 1767(with his mother and father in North Carolina). Later on, at the age of 15, he decided to go into the military. After that, Andrew was a school teacher and had many jobs. For example he was a judge in Carolina Superior Court. Just after that, he got married at the age of 27 and his wife’s name was Rachel.

3 Accomplishments Andrew Jackson’s life was filled with accomplishments. Andrew Jackson was a judge and lawyer in Tennessee. After that he moved to be the first Senator for Tennessee. When Jackson was in the military he became a major general in May 1814.General Jackson led his troops in the Battle at Horseshoe Bend. Andrew was considered a hero because he won a war against the British. This helped him become the seventh president of the United States. “Andrew Jackson was elected by a popular vote” (The White House 1).

4 Conclusion Andrew Jackson died in June 1845 at his home in Hermitage. Many people do not like Andrew Jackson because of different decisions he made, like he began the Trail of Tears and is one of the most disliked presidents of the United States. I dislike Andrew Jackson because he was not a very good person to other people.

5 Sources Cited . . . Book Andrew Jackson Rebecca Steffof

6 About The Author .My Name is Nicole. I was born January 11, I have an older sister named Taylor who is 12 years old. My favorite sport is soccer. I disliked this project because it was difficult to find good information on Andrew Jackson.

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