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Short Stories – Final Essay

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1 Short Stories – Final Essay
LA 10

2 schedule

3 T - Think O - Organize W - Write it E - Evaluate it R - Refine it
Mnemonic Device T - Think O - Organize W - Write it E - Evaluate it R - Refine it You will start and finish these steps today.

4 How many sentences are in a paragraph?
For this essay (not EVERY essay) Intro: 3-5 sentences Body Paragraph: 9-12 sentences Conclusion: 3-5 sentences

5 Introductory Option How will you begin your introduction?
(Similar to a hook or attention getter) Descriptions Quotations Scenes Definitions Introduce your theme

6 Thesis Statement One sentence – the LAST sentence Includes the theme
Names the subtopics (main points) Leads into the rest of the essay in a graceful way. Thesis Frame In the short story _________ by _________, the one can discover the theme of ___________ by analyzing ___1__, ___2___, and ___3__.

7 Organize Your Ideas: Finish the TOWER
1. Raise your hand when you are finished. 2. Mr. Ferguson will check your organization and hand out your TOWER diagram.

8 Body Paragraph Organization
Begin with a topic sentence stating your main point. Transition to your evidence. Explain how your evidence occurs in the story. Explain how that evidence relates to the theme. Transition to your next piece of evidence. Repeat steps 3 & 4. Transition to the next body paragraph.

9 Direct Quotations Paraphrasing
Quotations must be cited in MLA format: The narrator states, “this is a quotation” (page number). According to “story title”, the narrator mentions “petty feud” to … Paraphrasing When you describe a scene instead of copying it word-for-word. This still needs to be cited (page number).

10 Transitions Located on the back of your organizer.
Transitions need to be the last sentence of your three body paragraphs.

11 Conclusion: In this order
1. Summarize your three sub-topics. 2. Restate your thesis statement. Say the same thing, but say it differently. 3. Refer back to your introductory option. BAM YOU’RE DONE! ALMOST

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