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Brain tumors by Gabriela perez Diaz 03/06/13 3rd period.

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1 brain tumors by Gabriela perez Diaz 03/06/13 3rd period

2 Brain tumors -Another common name for brain tumor is brain cancer A brain tumor begins when normal cells in the brain change and grow uncontrollably, forming a mass.

3 Brain tumor cause in most cases we don't know the main cause of a brain tumor. it is thought that female hormones and early development can be a reason to the cancer.but none of it has been proven.

4 symptoms headaches Headac New onset or change in pattern ofhes that gradually become more frequent and more severe Unexplained nausea or vomiting Vision problems, Gradual loss of sensation Difficulty with balance Speech difficulties Confusion in everyday matters Personality or behavior changes Seizures, especially in someone who doesn't have a history of seizures Hearing problems

5 target population Brain tumours are slightly more common in males than females. But one type, meningioma, is slightly more common in women People can get brain tumours at any age Genetic conditions and familyhistory -previous cancers -other medical conditions -weakened immunity

6 how is the CNS/PNS effected The brain and spinal column make up the central nervous system (CNS), where all vital function movements are controlled When a tumor occurs in the CNS, it is especially problematic because of the possible effect on a person's thought processes or movements.


8 prognosis The survival rates in people with brain tumors depend on many different variables: Type of tumor (such as astrocytoma, oligodendroglioma, or ependymoma) Location and size of tumor (these factors affect whether or not the tumor can be surgically removed) Tumor grade Patient's age Patient's ability to function How far the tumor has spread About 13,000 people die from cancerous brain tumors each year.

9 treatment in simple terms, brain tumor is no more than uncontrolled growth of cells forming a lump in the brain. Just like any other form of cancers, brain tumor can spread and proliferate to any other parts of the body. Brain Cancer Surgery Radiation Therapy for Brain Cancer chemotherapy

10 Bob Marley Reggae artist Marley succumbed to a malignant melanoma that started in his toe and eventually spread to his brain and lungs. When Marley was diagnosed, a decision was made to keep the cancer a secret so that he could continue working. Unfortunately, the disease became too much to bear, as Marley passed away at the young age of 36.

11 Organizations in 1973, the American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA) was the first national nonprofit organization dedicated solely to brain tumors. For nearly 40 years, the ABTA has been providing comprehensive resources that support the complex needs of brain tumor patients and caregivers, as well as the critical funding of research in the pursuit of breakthroughs in brain tumor diagnosis, treatment and care. v http://www.abta.o http://www.abta.o

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