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Brain Cancer Presented by Amal Oladuja and Michelle Garro.

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1 Brain Cancer Presented by Amal Oladuja and Michelle Garro

2 Introduction Brain Cancer

3 Anatomy Brain cancer can spread to any tissue in the brain Brain Anatomy

4 Genes Involved Glioblastoma –C/EBP –Stat3

5 Symptoms Headaches (severe in the morning) Nausea and vomiting Vision and Hearing problems

6 Diagnosis Imaging tests: CT or MRI Biopsy Spinal Tap

7 Complications Problems with walking and balance Memory problems Muscle jerking and twitching Numbness in arms or legs Seizures

8 Contributing Factors Radiation to head Genetic Risk HIV Infection Smoking Environmental Toxins

9 Forms Brain tumors can be: –Benign –Malignant Two Main Types: –Primary –Metastatic

10 Stages Grade 1 –Slow growth –Easily treated Grade 2 –Tumor is bigger –Has potential to become more dangerous Grade 3 –Aggressive tumor –Cancer cells can be easily distinguished from brain cells Grade 4 –Tumor is perilous –Difficult to treat

11 Stages of Brain Cancer

12 Treatment  Individualized for each patient: Surgery –W/Knife –W/O knife: Stereotactic Radiosurgery Radiation Chemotherapy

13 Side Effects of Surgery Brain swelling Damage to tissue Change in mental status Weakness in muscles Changes in brain functions

14 Side Effects of Radiation Therapy Skin damage and skin sensitivity Hair loss

15 Side Effects of Chemotherapy Hair loss Nausea Vomiting Weakness Damaged kidney and reproductive organs

16 Prevalence Gender: –Females: 0.54% risk of being diagnosed* 0.41% chance of dying from tumor –Males: 0.66% risk of being diagnosed* 0.5% chance of dying from tumor Age: –60% of brain cancer patients are 50-70 years old

17 Prevalence (cont’d) Males more at risk Middle aged and older People of European descent Workers in factories involving toxic chemicals

18 Epidemiology 15-20 cases out of 100,00 people ~17,000 diagnosed w/primary cancer each yr in US ~13,000 of those diagnosed die from brain cancer

19 Prevention Avoid toxic chemicals and environmental toxins Avoid HIV infections No smoking! *Lessen cell phone use

20 Awareness Brain Tumor Foundation International Brain Tumor Alliance Walk Around The World for Brain Tumors International Brain Tumor Awareness Week

21 Sources d.jpg d.jpg

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