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Labor & Birth. Childbirth Options Prepared Childbirth- means reducing pain and fear during the birth process through education and the use of breathing.

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1 Labor & Birth

2 Childbirth Options Prepared Childbirth- means reducing pain and fear during the birth process through education and the use of breathing and conditioning exercises. Lamaze Classes Breast Feeding Classes

3 Health Care Professionals Obstetricians ▫These doctors specialize in the care of mothers and babies both before and right after birth. They are qualified to handle any problems or emergencies that may arise. Family Doctors ▫Some family doctors provide prenatal care and deliver babies. If problems arise then they call in an obstetrician.

4 Licensed Midwives ▫A health care professional trained to assist women in childbirth. ▫There are 2 types Certified Nurse Midwife and a Certified Midwife. ▫All must pass a certification exam. ▫If problems arise then they call in an obstetrician.

5 Doula ▫Is a woman experienced in childbirth who provides advice and support to a mother during her labor and delivery, and after childbirth. ▫Offer suggestions for how to cope with labor pains.

6 Places to give birth Hospitals Home Birthing Centers

7 Home It has only been since the last 100 years that babies have been born in hospitals Many couples who choose a home birth have a midwife present to assist with the delivery. It is not always possible to know when a complication might arise, so it is important to have a plan.

8 Hospitals Depending on the health insurance, typically mother and baby stay 2-3 days in the hospital after the birth. Hospitals have a full medical staff, in case a complication might occur. Sanitary conditions, high tech medical equipment to make parents feel more comfortable.

9 Hospitals offer several services to help the parents feel more comfortable ▫Classes that prepare for delivery and infant care ▫Programs for siblings and fathers ▫Private rooms, soft lighting ▫Option for mother and baby to room together

10 Birth Center Is a facility that provides a more homelike environment for labor and delivery. Emphasize natural birth Birthing Tubs Midwives generally handle the birth Time spent here is shorter, typically 24 hours if there are no complications


12 Early Signs of Labor Bloody Show ▫This refers to the few drops of blood that occurs when the mucus that plugs up the uterus dissolves. Water breaks Contractions ▫The tightening and releasing of the muscles in the uterus

13 Premature Labor A full term pregnancy lasts 40 weeks. Premature means the baby is born 37 weeks or less. ▫Sometimes doctors can give medicine to stop the labor.

14 False Labor Sometimes women feel strong contractions and believe their in labor, however they are not. Three signs of false labor are… ▫Contractions are not regular or rhythmic ▫Contractions do not get stronger over time ▫Contractions end with light exercise, such as walking or streching

15 Inducing Labor This is done by using medication or puncturing the amniotic sac. Can be inducted because… ▫The baby is still in the womb after 42 weeks ▫Amniotic sac has broken but labor has not started ▫Baby is large

16 Stage 1 of Labor Officially begins when contractions are coming at regular intervals. Contractions in the uterine muscle pull up on the cervix, slowly softening and thinning it, allowing it to open. Contractions increase in strength. During this stage if the mother would like pain medication she would receive it.

17 As the cervix dilates the baby moves into the lower pelvis. Most babies come into the world head first ▫If a baby comes out buttocks first, this is called breech The first stage ends with a period called transition ▫When the cervix becomes fully dialated

18 Stage 2 of Labor Contractions are more productive, pushing the baby through the pelvis and out of the vagina, or birth canal. During this stage it is safe for the woman to push ▫Earlier pushing might have resulted in tearing of delicate tissues. Sometimes an episiotomy is necessary ▫This is where the doctor makes a surgical cut to widen the area for the baby to come out

19 Sometimes forceps are used to grasp the baby’s body and guide its movement. A vacuum extractor is used to suction the baby’s head once it appears to help move the baby quickly.

20 3 rd Stage of Labor The mother might be allowed to rest briefly, and then feel a few contractions and the desire to push. The contractions help the placenta separate from the uterine wall. ▫Organ that develops in the mother and helps supply oxygen to the fetus. Once the placenta is out, labor is complete

21 Cesarean Birth Delivery of a baby through a surgical incision in the mothers abdomen. Can be preformed for several reasons… ▫Lack of normal progress during labor ▫Discovering the baby is in distress ▫Baby is in the wrong direction ▫Often planned for multiple births

22 Premature Birth 5% - 6% of babies are born prematurely The earlier babies are born, the less developed their organs are They require special care ▫Systems for controlling body temperature, breathing, and feeding are not yet mature. To help the baby control the systems not yet developed, they are often put in an incubator ▫A special enclosed crib with the oxygen supply, temperature, and humidity can be controlled

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