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Preparing for Birth Chapter #5.

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1 Preparing for Birth Chapter #5

2 A Healthy Pregnancy Section #5.1

3 Section Objectives List the early signs of pregnancy.
Assess the importance of good medical care throughout pregnancy. Identify possible discomforts and complications of pregnancy. Plan a nutritious diet for expectant mothers. Explain the importance of stress management during pregnancy.

4 Medical Care During Pregnancy
A woman should see a doctor once she thinks she is pregnant and receive regular prenatal care during her pregnancy. Obstetrician: A doctor who specializes in pregnancy and childbirth. Anemia: A condition that results from not having enough red blood cells. Rh Factor: A certain protein found in the blood. Gestational Diabetes: A form of diabetes that occurs only during pregnancy. Preeclampsia: A condition is characterized by high blood pressure and the presence of protein in the mother’s urine.

5 Nutrition During Pregnancy
Good nutrition, moderate exercise, and stress management are essential to the health of both the developing baby and the mother during pregnancy. Lactose Intolerance: When milk products cause abdominal pain and gas. Lactase: An enzyme that helps in the digestion of lactose.

6 Homework Assignment Read Section #5.1: “A Healthy Pregnancy” in the “The Developing Child” textbook. Answer Questions #1-9 under “Reviewing the Section” on pg. 160.

7 Preparing for the Baby’s Arrival
Section #5.2

8 Section Objectives Describe the decisions and preparations expectant parents must make for the physical needs of their baby. Explain why a budget is important and list the items parents need to include in a budget. Identify the considerations involved in making a decisions about who will care for a new baby.

9 Preparing for Parenthood
Expectant parents should prepare their home for the birth of the child and have basic supplies ready. Formula: A mixture of milk or milk substitute, water, and essential nutrients. Pediatrician: A doctor who specializes in treating children.

10 Parenting Decisions Expectant parents need to figure out how they will balance their lives after the baby is born. Budgeting: Fixed Expenses: Costs that cannot be changed easily. Flexible Expenses: Costs that can be changed easily. Leaves of Absence: Maternity Leave: Time taken off of work by the mother after a baby is born. Paternity Leave: Time taken off of work by the father after a baby is born.

11 Homework Assignment Read Section #5.2: “The Baby’s Arrival” in the “The Developing Child” textbook. Answer Questions #1-7 under “Reviewing the Section” on pg. 170.

12 Childbirth Options Section #5.3

13 Section Objectives Compare and contrast the qualifications of health care professionals who deliver babies. Outline ways expectant parents can prepare for birth. Analyze the benefits of childbirth classes. Evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of the different types of delivery.

14 What is Prepared Childbirth?
Prepared childbirth helps expectant parents get ready for labor and delivery. Prepared Childbirth: Involves reducing pain and fear during the birth process through education and breathing and conditioning exercises. Labor: The process by which the baby gradually moves out of the uterus and into the birth canal to be born. Delivery: The birth process.

15 Childbirth Options Expectant parents have to choose who will help deliver their baby and where the baby will be born. Who Can Deliver the Baby? Obstetricians Family Doctors Licensed Midwives Midwife: Trained to assist women in childbirth. Alternative Birth Centers: Provide a more homelike environment for labor and delivery than a hospital and emphasize prepared, natural childbirth.

16 Homework Assignment Read Section #5.3: “Childbirth Options” in the “The Developing Child” textbook. Answer Questions #1-5 under “Reviewing the Section” on pg. 174

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