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Parenting & Child Development

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1 Parenting & Child Development
3.03: Understand components of a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

2 Home delivery- Advantages: Low cost Close to family Disadvantages: Lack of sterile utensils and equipment Unprepared for high risk complications

3 Birthing room delivery
Advantages: Father is encouraged to participate in labor and delivery Children and other family members may also be present Mother’s comfort is important Baby stays in the room with mother, called “rooming-in” Disadvantages: Most couples attend prepared child birth classes Midwife or certified nurse is present throughout the delivery

4 Standard hospital delivery
Advantages: Focuses on a safe delivery for mother and baby Mother’s comfort is addressed. Mother moved to recovery room and then to a regular room Baby stays in nursery and brought into mother’s room periodically Disadvantages: Family is in a waiting room Husband may or may not be present Rules for visitors may be fairly strict

5 Natural Childbirth Advantages: Very little sedation so mother and baby are alert before, during and after delivery Takes less time to recover Disadvantages: May be more painful

6 Lamaze Method Advantages: Parents prepare themselves for birth Control contractions by breathing and muscle control techniques. Husband or coach helps comfort mother Disadvantages: Take weekly classes

7 Leboyer Method Advantages: Focuses on the baby’s birth experience. Make birth less shocking and more comfortable for the baby. Atmosphere is comfortable Disadvantages: Have to take classes Plan early in pregnancy

8 Cesarean Section Method
Advantages: Less delivery pain for mother Less stressful for baby Disadvantages: Operation in which baby is delivered through incisions in the mother’s abdomen and uterus. Longer recovery

9 Obstetrician Advantages: Has latest information on delivery Disadvantages: High demand

10 Family Doctor Advantages: Availability Disadvantages: Has to call in an obstetrician if there are complications

11 Licensed Midwife Advantages: Lower cost Advanced training in normal pregnancy and birth Disadvantages: May not be prepared to handle emergency situations

12 Doulas Advantages: Give information to expectant mother and answer any questions they might have beforehand. Guide a woman through relaxation exercises during labor. Disadvantages: Not required to have medical training

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