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Payton whitsel 3 rd period 10/26/11. Born on :1809 in Boston Died on: 1849 Baltimore Edgar Allan Poe

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1 Payton whitsel 3 rd period 10/26/11

2 Born on :1809 in Boston Died on: 1849 Baltimore Edgar Allan Poe

3 5 STORIE  The Black Cat,  The Cast of Amontillado,  The Raven,  The Fall of The House of Usher,  The Oval Portrait 5 POEMS Alone The Bells A Dream Fairy land In Youth I have Known One

4 Edger Allen Poe was born in 1809.In a place that is well known as Boston. He got married to Virginia Poe in 1836. she was his cousin and she married him when she was 13.shortly after they began to start a life together. They had 3 children together. But only a short few years latter she died in 1847 from tuberculosis. The kids were adopted and sent to live with family and 1845 Poe wrote a book called the poetic principal. In 1848 the California gold rush had 1849 he dies on october7th. He was a man who traveled a lot. From place to place He saw very many things. He also had a sister and a brother. His mother died when he was 2 years old. so his child hood was pretty rough. He was parentless because his father had also died.

5 On January 19, 1809, Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston, Massachusetts. Poe's father and mother, were both professional actors. They died before edger was 3 years old. He was a foster child and was raised bye john and fransis Allen. His foster father was a tobacco exporter. He sent him to the best boarding schools and latter to the university of Virginia. He was very good at math but after a year of school he was forced to leave when he refused to pay his gambling debts. In 1829 he published his second collection in 1835, he became the editor of the Southern Literary Messenger in Richmond.

6 I think he died from a disease. He did travel a lot. And some of the places he stayed at couldn’t have always been clean and safe so I think he got something and died. But the way they found him on the street like that makes me think that he may have been beat up by like a bunch of people who didn’t agree with some of the things he did he was a little twisted in the head so maybe they killed him.

7 The mask of the red death was about a duke who was greedy with his money when tragedy struck. He chose to save himself and friends rather than to help the sick. The duke took several hundreds of his healthy friends and put them inside his castle and sealed all entrances.

8 He did this because there was a sickness going around and he did not want to catch it. Instead of helping the many of his villagers who had the sickness aka tuberculosis he chose to ignore it. Over all this was greedy move when he could have helped the sick. That is why when the unknown party goer arrived he die. Because the party goer was not a person but a symbol of the red death.

9 He left his kids. and just didn’t really care what happened to them just let them go live who ever. Well I liked to travel like he did but other than that no. Did you enjoy his stories….why/why not?

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