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EDGAR ALLAN POE Name: Morgan Cunningham Period: 4 Date: 10-25-11.

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1 EDGAR ALLAN POE Name: Morgan Cunningham Period: 4 Date: 10-25-11

2 EDGAR ALLAN POE Born on : January 19 th 1809 Died on: October 7 th 1849

3 “5 SHORT STORIES AND 5 POEMS” 5 STORIES  “The Pit and the Pendulum” “The Masque of the Red Death” “The Mystery of Marie Rogêt”: “The Gold Bug” “The Black Cat” 5 POEMS “A Dream” “A Valentine” “Annabel Lee” “Dreams” “The Raven”

4 BIOGRAPHY ON E.A. POE Edgar Allan Poe was born on January 19 th 1809. When he was one year old his parents separated. After the separation Poe his other brother and sister stayed with his mother Elizabeth Poe. Poe’s mother died in 1811 when he was two years old. After her death the Allan's adopted Poe his brother henry went to live with his grandmother and his sister went to another family. When Poe was six he went to school in England for five years and learned many different languages. Poe later went to the university of Virginia. Even though Mr.allan had enough money he didn’t give Poe enough. He gave him just enough for the drive.

5 BIOGRAPHY (CONTINUED) Poe eventually started to drink heavily and quickly came in debt. He then dropped out of school less then a year later. When Poe dropped out he had no money and John Allan shunned him. Edgar joined the U.S army in 1827. When Poe got out of the army he came back to New York and finally got a job as a newspaper editor. In 1840 Poe published his first mystery story “the murders in the rue morgue”. Later Poe was found face down in a gutter they think it was because of liver problems. He died on October 7 th 1849.

6 YOUR THEORY ON POE’S DEATH  The theory I believe in is the one were he got kidnapped. I believe in this because it was the day before the election and “Poe was most likely to win” and Poe wasn’t running. After he got kidnapped the people that took him probably didn’t want him to tell anyone so threw him face down in a gutter. people said that he was walking around on the streets drunk which made it easy to kidnap him.

7 My favorite Poe story was the masque of the red death. I like this story because it created a lot of suspense and I didn’t know what was going to happen. I also like how he made the rooms represent something. That’s how he created symbolism. He created suspense by making the clock strike several times and used the last room as something everyone was scared of. The person the walked in was most likely supposed to be the grim reaper. The symbolism and suspense add to the meaning by giving what all the rooms could represent and suspense. CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE “POE” STORY AND SUMMARIZE THE STORYLINE. EXPLAIN HOW HE USED SUSPENSE OR SYMBOLISM. HOW DOES IT ADD TO THE MEANING?

8 FINISH PARAGRAPHS ON YOUR FAVORITE STORY I like how the rooms represent life and the first room represents your birth then its like you grow all the way to the end of the rooms and the last one represents death. That’s why the prince was killed in that room. I think that is were Poe got the title from. The last room was red.

9 CONCLUSION  Poe is a father of the modern day horror story because if he never existed then horror stories would probably be much different then what they are now. Poe started the scary story's and he changed our history on it so therefore he is a father to the modern day horror story's.  No I didn’t really make any connections because it was very long ago and he is way different then me.  Yes I did because they all represent something and I love mystery's and suspense.

10 WORKS CITED Giordano, Robert. “Edgar Allan Poe timeline” an exploration of short stories by Edgar Allan Poe ( 27 June 2005 ). ( 19 October 2011).. Shmoop editorial team. “the masque of the red death symbolism imagery and allegory” (11 November 2008) shmoop university, Inc. (19 October 2011) The masque of the red death “Poe's short stories”

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