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Self-Esteem and Mental Health

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1 Self-Esteem and Mental Health
Meet Yourself

2 What Is Self-Esteem? Self-Esteem is a measure of how much you value, respect, and feel confident about yourself How you feel about yourself effects everything you do Why?

3 Benefits of High Self-Esteem
Increased respect Take care of themselves Don’t give in to peer pressure Increased ability to reach goals Increased willingness to try Don’t get discourages easily Increased feeling of value Valuable part of family, school, and community

4 Pair and Share What are other benefits of high self-esteem?
What are some risks of low self-esteem?

5 Risks of Low Self-Esteem
Vulnerable to peer pressure More likely to make unhealthy choices May not respect themselves Higher risk of depression and suicide Eating disorders, running away, and violence

6 Self-Concept Who am I? A measure of how one views oneself
Positive self-concept=high self-esteem Negative self-concept=? How are self-esteem and self-concept related? How are they different?

7 Improving Your Self-Esteem
Positive Self-Talk Examples… Act With Integrity The characteristic of doing what one knows is right Choose Supportive Friends Accept Yourself

8 Using Good Communication Skills
What is communication? Why do we care about good communication?

9 Communication Skills Good communication is important
Prevents misunderstandings Builds healthy relationships Allows your to express yourself

10 Communication Styles Passive: does not offer opposition when challenged or pressured Aggressive: hostile and unfriendly-usually leads to bigger conflict Assertive: (most healthy) express oneself in a direct, respectful way Table on pg. 56

11 Speaking Skills Voice Volume Tone and Pitch “I” and “You” messages
“I” message-way of explaining how you feel while remaining firm, calm, and polite. (refrains from blame) “You” message- Empathy-The ability to understand another person’s feelings, behaviors, and attitudes

12 Listening Skills Active Listening Paraphrasing Body Language

13 Review: What is mental health? What is emotional health?
How are they related?

14 Mental and Emotional Health
Mental health- the state of mental well-being in which one can cope with the demands of daily life A sense of control—take responsibility Ability to endure failures and frustrations Ability to see events positively Ability to express emotions in a healthy way

15 Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs The Sims

16 Self-Actualization Mentally and emotionally healthy people are able to reach this stage It is the achievement of the best that a person can be These people have reached their full potential

17 Critical Thinking Think of a time when you were too hungry, thirsty, or tired to pay attention in class. Discuss this scenario with a partner. How does Maslow’s hierarchy of needs apply to these experiences you just shared?

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