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Cultural Education Signboards in the USA

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1 Cultural Education Signboards in the USA
Author: Joanna Sołowianowicz

2 Smoking Life is hard for smokers in the United States.
Smoking in public places is strictly prohibited.

3 Smoking 2 Smoking is also not allowed anywhere in the building.
If you notice law violations, report it to the police.

4 Pets The USA is an animal-friendly country.
However, dog owners must remember to clean up after their pets and walk them leash-curb.

5 Wildlife protection Don’t feed wild animals!
Human food spoils wild animals. They lose their desire for natural foods and become beggars – easy prey for cars wheels and predators. No matter how appealing, all park animals are potentially dangerous. They may bite or scratch, and can spread the disease. Don’t feed wild animals!

6 Animals on the road Save wildlife!
Fast driving kills a lot of animals in the USA every year. Drive the speed limit and don’t let another animal become a red spot. Save wildlife!

7 National parks rules

8 Cleanliness It is not allowed to dump leftovers down the sewage system. If you don’t want to live in a smelly city - Start thinking, not stinking!

9 Cleanliness 2 Mind that buildings and grounds around you are clean.
Don’t drop litter! Keep your country tidy !

10 Health&Hygiene

11 Public security Crime rates in the USA are very high. Therefore, neighbourhood watching and cooperating with the police, strengthen local security. Remember that it is against the law to carry a gun anywhere on the premises.

12 Street safety Remember that drunk drivers are potential killers.
Don’t hesitate to inform the police about law-breaking drivers. Don’t drink before you drive a car!

13 Water safety

14 Children on the road

15 Crossing the street

16 Car parking

17 Car parking 2

18 Car parking 3 Remember that you mustn’t park the car on the wrong side of the street on certain days. Otherwise, you will be fined and your vehicle towed away! ;-)

19 Roadworks Roadworks can sometimes make life difficult for inhabitants…
… and drivers, too.

20 American press

21 American press 2

22 Hotel rules You have to mind your own security everywhere.
For your protection - always remember to lock the door.

23 Hotel rules 2 If you want to have your room tidy
or do not wish to be disturbed… …leave a suitable notice on a door-knob.

24 Safety rules Children must be accompanied by a grown-up person on the escalators. In case of fire, elevators are too dangerous to use.

25 Disabled people People with physical or mental disabilities can count on diverse facilities and every kind of necessary help in public places, e.g. in restrooms.

26 Youngest traffic users 

27 Unscramble the letters in brackets to make correct words.
Activity 1 Unscramble the letters in brackets to make correct words. a. Walk your dog (shale-cbur) Keep wild. (feliwdil) No (pignmud) must wash hands before returning to work. (semeploey) School ahead. (gnissorc) Please, do not (tubdisr) Hold Attend children. Avoid sides. (ailharnd) No swimming, no (anwdig) leash-curb wildlife dumping Employees crossing disturb handrail wading

28 What do these pictures mean?
Activity 2 What do these pictures mean? Where can you see them? a. Walk your dog leash-curb. In the park. b. Keep wildlife wild. In the forest. c. No dumping. On the street. d. Employees must wash hands before returning to work. In the restroom (toilet). e. School crossing ahead. f. Please, do not disturb. In the hotel. g. Hold handrail. Attend children. Avoid sides. At the railway station/ the airport. h. No swimming, no wading. By the water.

29 Activity 3 Write the missing words. Keep don’t Clean feed Save watch
………. your country tidy. Please ………. litter . ………. up after your dog. Don’t ………. the animals. ………. wildlife. Neighbourhood …… program. Report ………. drivers. Slow. ………. at play. ………. button for walk signal. Pay for parking at …… …… . Maid, please …… ….. this room as soon as possible. Keep don’t Clean feed Save watch drunk Children Push pay box make up

30 Answers to exercise 3 Keep your country tidy. Please don’t litter .
Clean up after your dog. Don’t feed the animals. Save wildlife. Neighbourhood watch program. Report drunk drivers. Slow. Children at play. Push button for walk signal. Pay for parking at pay box. Maid, please make up this room as soon as possible.

31 The End Joanna Sołowianowicz
All the photographs used in this presentation come from my private collection and were taken during my summer vacation in the USA in July and August 2008. Joanna Sołowianowicz

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