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Walk This Way Photojournalism Project Safe Kids Cobb County.

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1 Walk This Way Photojournalism Project Safe Kids Cobb County

2 Jose’s Photograph “I took this picture because it is unsafe. The car is in the wrong lane. This picture is more important because it is at a school cross walk. That’s why I took this picture.”

3 Erica’s Photograph “This picture shows a bright red stop sign and it means to car to stop. I took this picture because to show safety. The thing that needs to be improve is that there should be a sidewalk so people can walk. The people who is responsible for this is the school people and the government.”

4 Matthew’s Photograph “This picture is about a stop sign at the corner of the school. There is cars in the background at Rite Aid. This picture is about how safety is always first.”

5 Alex W.’s Photograph “My picture is safe and dangerous. It’s a crosswalk in the morning people park on the crosswalk. That’s what makes it dangerous. When the police is present they don’t park on the crosswalks that’s what makes it safe. I think the police should be there every day.”

6 Zakk’s Photograph “I took this picture because it is unsafe. The sidewalk is unsafe because the crack.”

7 Megan’s Photograph “My photo is of a crack in the sidewalk. I chose this photo because it’s unsafe and needs to be fixed. I learned to be more safe. I learned to go against the traffic when walking! The only thing that should be fixed would be the sidewalks. I think the government and we the people should work together to fix the sidewalks. The thing that I liked most was taking pictures and learning about pedestrian safety. I had so much fun.”

8 Alex T.’s Photograph “This picture is about showing the driver can’t get out of the car. It’s safe so they don’t get hurt. If the driver gets hit there’s nobody to help him.”

9 Israel’s Photograph “I took this picture to tell people to buckle up so they can stay safe. I think there should be street lights here. You should also look both ways before crossing this road.”

10 Tray’s Photograph “My picture is about crosswalks. My photo is taking place in front of a sign. It was hot. My friends were in the picture. It’s safe the sign said buckle up. Our lives depend on it. Our project was about staying safe. It tells us to stay on the sidewalk. To stay safe get people to watch pedestrians. I like my pictures.”

11 Keenan’s Photograph “They are walking across the street. They played in line. Don’t play in line. Never play in line. Don’t run in line.”

12 Brittany’s Photograph “This is a picture of a sign to let you know that kids are walking from school. It was something for our safety to let drivers know that we are coming from school. You can also teach your family how to be safe. And while you are walking make sure you look both ways. And that’s why I took this picture.”

13 Josue’s Photograph “I took a picture of this car because it stopped at a stop sign and looked both ways. I also took this picture cause the last car didn’t follow the rules and stop. There are a lot of dangerous stuff and only we the people can stop it.”

14 Tray’s Photograph “My picture is about crosswalks. My photo taking place in front of a sign. It was hot. My friends were

15 Sierra’s Photograph “This picture is a lady not paying attention to the road and that is very unsafe. She could of crashed and got seriously injured. If I was an adult and seen kids out there I would drive the right way so they could learn from me. The lady was driving not looking at the road digging in her purse and she’s not even at a stop sign or red light. The things that she could have done to make it safer is wait until she was at red light.”

16 Ana’s Photograph “My pictures describe what is good for us to look for this signs so we will be safe. I took a picture of a crosswalk because its very safe for everybody to be able to see. So they won’t have to cross the street anywhere. That’s why I took that picture.”

17 Summer’s Photograph “My picture #3 was talking about how unsafe it is to cross the crosswalk without a sidewalk. It would be much safer if it had a sidewalk. Then when you cross the street you don’t have to go in the grass.”

18 Morgan’s Picture “I took a picture of nice cars stopping at a red light. It was safe because they were stopped at a red light. Also it is unsafe because the car in front is passed the crosswalk. If he was going slower he would never go over the crosswalk. That’s why I like this picture.”

19 Jessica’s Photograph “Do you want to be safe? I took a picture of sign that says ‘Left turn Yield on Green’. I choose to take this photo because its important for people to look at the signs. You can stay safe when walking on the crosswalk and looking both sides. To improve the walking environment in my photo that people listen to signs. I learn from this project to listen to all signs anywhere and anytime.”

20 Lilly’s Photograph “My favorite picture has a ahead sign, and it had the name Hayes Elementary School and Pine Mtn. Middle School. I choose this picture because the people that are driving might be going really fast and a kid might be going home walking home from school and that person might injure the pedestrian. That is why I choose this picture.”

21 Mayra’s Photograph “This picture is unsafe. And you should always look both ways. Also look for signs. And never speed. So you should be careful.”

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