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Italy Alessandra Miolli.

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1 Italy Alessandra Miolli

2 Food Italy’s typical food is pizza, the reason is because in Italy they made it many different ways. In Italy you would normally go to a pizza restaurant, because pasta you can eat at home.

3 Flag This is the Italian flag. The Italian flags colors represent green for hope, white for faith, and red for charity. That is what the Italian flag represents.

4 Symbol Italy’s famous symbol is the leaning Pisa Tower. The leaning Pisa Tower is located in Pisa, Italy. The reason why the leaning Pisa Tower is so popular and is a symbol is because it’s a unique construction in the world.

5 Dress Each one of the 20 regions that form Italy have a traditional dress. Though now in Italy is more famous for fashion and expensive clothes.

6 Custom In Italy people are very religious, they go to church on Sunday’s. At Easter time you will definitely not see chocolate bunnies you will instead see religious festival.

7 Government The house of the president is called Palazzo del Quirinale. Also known as Il Cole. (The Hill) In that place they do a lot of meetings. There is a lot of security. At the top of the house there is the Italian flag.

8 Places You Can Visit Rome Bari Florence Venice Milan Beach

9 Questionnaire 1.What is the typical food in Italy? 2. What do the colors of the Italian flag stand for? 3. What is the Italian symbol? 4. How many regions are there in Italy? 5. What is the Italian custom? 6. How is the government building called?

10 The End Thank you for watching this show hope you liked it!!!

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