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Neurim Elementary School Amirim Project

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1 Neurim Elementary School Amirim Project 2011-2012
Presentation on Italy Neurim Elementary School Amirim Project

2 Content Information about Italy. Famous Places of Italy.
The Capital City: Rome. The football in Italy. How to Talk in Italian. National Food.

3 Information about Italy
Italy is in the continent of Europe. The capital city is Rome. The colors of the flag are green, white and red. In a map, Italy looks like a boot.

4 Famous Places of Italy This is the tower of Pisa. This is Venice.
This is the Coliseum of Rome. This is Milano.

5 The Capital City of Rome
This is the famous Coliseum of Rome. The population of Rome is 2.7 million people. This is the flag of Rome. This is the Vatican.

6 The “Calcio” in Italy The best team of Italy is Milan.
Italy has twenty teams. Italy won the World Cup 4 times. Italy’s best players are: Pato, Robhino and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

7 How to Talk in Italian “Mi chiamo” means “ my name is…”
“Ciao” means “hello” “Buongiorno” means “good day”. Buona sera” means “good evening.” “Scusi” means “sorry” “Si/no” is for yes or no. "Prego” means “you’re welcome.”

8 National Food The national foods of Italy are pizza and spaghetti.
Pizza and spaghetti have tomato sauce.

9 Presented by Liel, Hen, Alissa, Shir, Eden, Hadar, Maor, Liav, Ido, Bar and Tal.

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