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Italia By : Anna ginelli.

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1 Italia By : Anna ginelli

2 Cibo Did you know that some of the food we have in America is actually from Italy? Well, it’s true! Some of the food is listed below. Pizza Spaghetti Rigatoni

3 tradizioni Italians celebrate some of holidays we do! But
They have their own ways of celebrating, just like we do! Feast of the 7 Fishes Pesce d'Aprile! (April Fool's Day In Italy) Thanksgiving in Italy Buon Natale! (Christmas in Italy) Buona Pasqua! (Easter in Italy)

4 Lingua ciao goodbye arrivederci yes non hello si no # 1 uno # 2 due
# 3 tre # 4 quattro # 5 cinque # 6 sei # 7 sette # 8 otto # 9 nove # 10 dieci ciao goodbye arrivederci yes non hello si no

5 punti de riferimento Rome, Florence, and Venice Italy are famous cities in Italy. Rome is the capital of Italy, as well as where the Sistine Chapel is located. Colosseum Sistine Chapel Leaning Tower of Pisa

6 vino Wine is a popular drink in Italy. It is made of grapes. There is 2 types of wine: white and black. WARNING: Wine is only for adults, so don’t drink it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7 SPORT Italians love to have fun and play sports just like we do. They also like to watch sports on their television.(And yes, TV exist in the Italy.) Here are the top 10 sports in Italy. 1.Soccer 6.Wrestling 2.Basketball 7.Track and field 3.Volleyball 8.Tennis 4.Cycling 9.Golf 5.Water polo 10.Rugby

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