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Communication skills Communication Skills.

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1 Communication skills Communication Skills

2 Interpersonal Communication is the exchange of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs between two or more people

3 Two types of communication:
Verbal - use words Nonverbal – sending messages that do not use words Sheldon and Body Language

4 Ways To Communicate Speaking Listening Reading Writing

5 Body Language is nonverbal communication

6 Mixed messages are when your words say one thing and your body or tone say something else

7 Tips to Improve Communication Skills:
Use “I” messages Make clear simple statements Be honest with your thoughts and feelings Use appropriate body language (use eye contact)

8 Listening Skills: Active Listening – hearing, thinking about, and responding to the other person’s message Big Bang Theory - Poor Listening Skills

9 Tips to Improve Listening Skills:
Use appropriate body language Use conversation encouragers Mirror thoughts and feelings Ask questions Amy listening to Sheldon

10 Refusal Skills: skills that help you say NO effectively Say NO in a firm voice Promptly leave

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