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The ABC’s of a healthy Pregnancy ! Amanda Meseke.

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1 The ABC’s of a healthy Pregnancy ! Amanda Meseke

2 Congratulations !!! You’re Pregnant……Now what ?? Make an appointment with your midwife or doctor. Celebrate! Share your news! Learn about pregnancy. Find a support system. Enjoy your pregnancy! Do take care of yourself…..want to know how ?? Click the mouse, and find out……..

3 = avoid exposure to chemicals Cleaning solvents, lead, mercury, insecticides, and paint fumes.

4 = Be sure to see a doctor = Breastfeeding The healthiest choice for both you and your baby

5 = Cigarette Smoking Can harm the baby Second hand smoke also harms the mother and her developing baby

6 =Drink Lots of fluids Water is the best At least 6-8 glasses of water, fruit juice, or milk each day

7 =Eat Healthy Include the 5 basic food groups 6-11 servings of grain products 3-5 servings of vegetables 2-4 servings of fruits 4-6 servings of milk 3-4 Servings of meat and protein foods

8 =Folic Acid Take 400 micrograms daily before and during the first few months of pregnancy Reduces birth defects of the brain and spine

9 =Genetic Testing It is important to know your family history

10 =Hand-washing Help prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses that cause infection

11 =Iron Take 20 milligrams if iron during pregnancy Reduces anemia later in pregnancy **** DID YOU KNOW **** Folic Acid and Iron are usually included in all prenatal vitamins

12 =Join a support group Join a support group for moms to be, or join a class on parenting or childbirth

13 =Know your limits Let your physician know if you experience any of the following— Pain of any kind Strong cramps Uterine contractions at 20min intervals Vaginal bleeding Leaking of amniotic fluid Dizziness Fainting Shortness of breath Palpitations Trouble walking If your baby has decreased activity

14 =Legal Drugs No Alcohol during pregnancy Caffeine should also be limited

15 =Medical Conditions Inform your doctor about any medications that may need to be changed or adjusted Also remember to tell them about any herbs or vitamins you are taking

16 =Now is the time to baby proof

17 N…Continued

18 =Over the counter medicines Ask your doctor before taking any over the counter medications

19 =Physical Activity Exercising during pregnancy can benefit you and your baby by lessening discomfort and fatigue Some exercises include- Yoga Walking Swimming cycling

20 P…Continued Other exercises Pregnant woman can partake in Stairs Chasing other children Getting up from the couch Working- ex=waitressing

21 =Queasiness/morning sickness Eat 5-6 small meals a day instead of three large ones

22 =Rodents Rodents may carry Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis virus (LCMV) May cause severe abnormalities or loss of the pregnancy

23 =Saunas should be avoided Hot tubs, and steam rooms should also be avoided Excessive high heat may be harmful during pregnancy

24 =Toxoplasmosis An infection caused by a parasite that can seriously harm an unborn baby Avoid eating undercooked meat, and handling cat litter.

25 =Uterus Size Uterus size increases during the first trimester Which along with more efficient functioning of your kidneys May cause you to feel the need to urinate more often

26 =Vaccinations Get needed vaccines before pregnancy CDC has clear guidelines for the use of vaccines during pregnancy

27 =Weight Being overweight or underweight during pregnancy may cause problems. Normal gain = 24 to 40+ lbs. Don’t stop eating or start skipping meals as your weight increases

28 = X-Rays Any kind of X-rays should be avoided

29 =Your baby loves you Show your baby you love him/her too Give you baby a healthy environment to live in while you are pregnant RELAX

30 = ZZZZ’s Get plenty of rest Rest on your side as often as possible Left side is advised, as it provides the best circulation to your baby and helps reduce swelling

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