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Nutrition during Pregnancy Drexel University Department of Biology Nutrition Center.

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1 Nutrition during Pregnancy Drexel University Department of Biology Nutrition Center

2 Project Sponsors USDA project funded through the Food Stamp Program School District of Philadelphia Nutrition Center, Department of Biology at Drexel University

3 Overview of Program 4 weekly sessions –Nutrition during pregnancy –Nutrition for infants to one year –Nutrition for toddlers –Healthy eating tips and review Tasting and preparing food Educational videos and handouts

4 Video Healthy Foods, Healthy Baby

5 Questions from Healthy Foods, Healthy Baby Video

6 Why should soda intake be limited during pregnancy? No nutritional value Added calories, which can lead to weight gain Added sugar, which can lead to cavities Caffeine, which can negatively affect the baby What can you drink instead of soda?

7 Why is eating healthy important during pregnancy? For the fetus: –Provides nutrients for proper growth and development –Prevents prematurity and low birth weight For the mother: –To prevent excess weight gain –To prevent heartburn, nausea and constipation –To prevent anemia, infection & poor healing

8 In the supermarket, what’s wrong with the woman shopping with her two children? No shopping list Children throwing anything in the cart Mother is very distracted & not paying attention to what goes in the cart Mother just wants to “get in & get out” Not making healthy choices

9 Nutrition and Pregnancy Basics Calorie & nutrient needs increase Gradual weight gain is recommended Follow a well-balanced diet Keep your foods safe Engage in physical activity Avoid drugs, alcohol and smoking

10 Calorie & Nutrient Needs An extra 300 calories per day 300 calories = –2 ½ cups of milk –Bagel with cream cheese –Tuna fish sandwich Teenage girls need about 2500 calories during pregnancy Amounts of protein, iron, folic acid and fiber also increase

11 What do these nutrients do for you? Fiber Calcium Protein Folic Acid Iron

12 Weight Gain Ranges Normal weight: 25-35 pounds Under weight: 28-40 pounds Overweight: 15-25 pounds It is recommended that teens gain the upper end of these ranges based on their pre-pregnancy weight.

13 Healthy Eating during Pregnancy Grains Vegetables Fruit Milk Oils Meat & Beans

14 MyPyramid Guidelines Variety Proportionality Moderation Activity Personalization

15 Grains Make half your grains whole Eat 7-10 ounces of grains per day 1 ounce = –1 slice of bread –1 cup breakfast cereal –½ cup cooked rice, cereal or pasta

16 Vegetables Vary your veggies Eat 3-3 ½ cups of veggies per day 1 cup = –2 cups raw leafy greens –1 cup cooked or raw vegetables –1 cup vegetable juice

17 Fruit Focus on fruits Eat 2-2 ½ cups of fruit per day 1 cup = –1 cup of fresh or canned fruit –1 cup of 100% fruit juice –½ cup of dried fruit

18 Milk Get your calcium-rich foods Drink or eat 4 cups of milk or milk products per day 1 cup = –1 cup of milk or yogurt –1 ½ ounces natural cheese –2 ounces processed cheese

19 Meat & Beans Go lean with protein Eat 6-7 ounces each day 1 ounce = –1 ounce lean meat, poultry or fish –1 egg –1 tablespoon peanut butter –¼ cooked dry beans –½ ounce of nuts or seeds

20 Oils Make wise choices Keep fat intake minimal Choose healthier fats: –Canola, olive and vegetable oils –Nuts –Fish –Avocado –Olives

21 Healthy Eating Tips Eat 3-5 meals and snacks a day Do not skip meals Eat a variety of foods Drink plenty of water Enjoy foods in moderation Avoid excess caffeine Take your prenatal vitamins daily

22 Food Safety Bacteria can grow in food and cause foodborne illnesses Pregnant women are at a higher risk Examples of foodborne illnesses: –E. coli –Salmonella –Listeria –Mercury

23 Listeria Bacteria that grows at refrigerator temperatures –Found in refrigerated, ready-to-eat foods and unpasteurized products Causes listeriosis Avoid: –Hot dogs and luncheon meats –Unpasteurized (raw) milk and milk products –Soft cheeses (Feta, bleu) –Refrigerated meat spreads

24 Mercury Metal found in thermometers, dental fillings & batteries Emitted from power plants; falls into bodies of water, where it is ingested by fish Eating fish with high levels of mercury can be toxic Fish to avoid: swordfish, tilefish, king mackerel, shark

25 Other Foods to Avoid Raw fish Unpasteurized juices Raw sprouts (alfalfa) Herbal supplements and herbal teas

26 Fight BAC! Food Safety Tips Clean- wash hands & surfaces often Separate- keep raw meat, poultry & eggs separate from ready-to-eat foods Cook- cook to proper temperatures Chill- refrigerate promptly

27 Hand washing Is there a proper way to wash your hands? Yes! 1.Rinse hands with warm water. 2.Wash hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds. Scrub well. 3.Rinse hands. 4.Wipe dry with paper towel.

28 Remember you are eating to keep you and your baby healthy Follow a well-balanced diet Take your prenatal vitamins Stay physically active Follow food safety guidelines Avoid cigarettes, drugs and alcohol

29 Fruit & Yogurt Parfait ½ cup vanilla yogurt ½ cup mandarin oranges ½ cup pineapple chunks 1 tablespoon low fat granola Place mandarin oranges in cup, add ¼ cup yogurt, add layer of pineapple chunks, and add the rest of yogurt. Top with low fat granola. Enjoy!


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