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Paragraph to Essay.

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1 Paragraph to Essay

2 Paragraph to essay An essay is a piece of writing several paragraph long Witing an essay is no more difficult than writing a paragraph except that an essay is longer If you can write a paragraph, you can write an essay

3 Parts of essay Introdution (introductory paragraph) Body
Conclusion (concluding paragraph)

4 Parts of essay

5 Introduction General statements
Introduce the general topic of the essay Capture the reader’s interest Thesis statement state the specific topic May list subtopics or subdivisions of the main topic or subtopics May indicate the pattern of organization of the essay Is normally the last sentence of the introductry paragraph

6 Models of introduction
Funnel introduction (page 60) It begins with one or two very general sentences about the topic. Each subsequent sentence becomes increasingly focused on the topic until the last sentence shich states very specifically shat the essay will be about. Attention getting introduction (page 61) Dramatic, interesting, or funny story Surprising statistics or facts Historical background See page 62 for introductory paragraph practice

7 More about thesis statement
See page 63 and 64 for more about thesis statement and the practice

8 Body Consists of one or more paragraphs
Each paragraph deveops a subdivision of the topic, so the number of the paragraphs in the body will vary with the number of subdivisions or subtopics

9 Body paragraph Should be organized according to some sort of pattern, such as chronological order or comparison/contast. A basic pattern for essays is logical division of ideas: you devide your topic into subtopics and then discuss each subtopics in a seperate paragraph. Logical divison is an appropriate pattern for explaining causes,reasons, types, kinds, qualities, methods, advantages and disadvantages, as these typicalcollege exam questions ask you to do. Thesis statement for logical division of ideas: see page 65 Practice for thesis statement for logical division of ideas: see page 66B, 67. Transition signals for logical division of ideas: See page 68

10 Transition signals between paragraph
Linking paragraph with transitions help the reader see how the subtopics are related. Link one paragraph to the next by adding a transition to the topic sentence of the second paragraph. The transition may be single word, phrase, or dependent clause that repeats or summarizes the main idea in the preceding paragraph. See page 69 for the example. See page for transition signals

11 Conclusion Like the concluding sentence in a paragraph, it is a summary or review of main points discussed in the body. It signals the end of the essay. To do so, begin your conclusion with a transition signal. See page 299. It remains your reader of your main points. You can: Summarize your subtopics Paraphrase your thesis It leaves your reader with your final thoughts on the topic. This is your opportunity to convey a strong, effective message that your reader will remember.


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