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Booster/Refresher Training: Team & Faculty Commitment Benchmarks of Quality Items # 1 – 6 2011-2012.

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1 Booster/Refresher Training: Team & Faculty Commitment Benchmarks of Quality Items # 1 – 6 2011-2012

2 2 PBS is a Collaborative Approach  Did your school-based Problem Solving Team review all school-wide data (academics & behavior)?  Is your multi-disciplinary team representing all stakeholders  Is your PBS Team a subgroup of the main team?  Did your team:  develop the behavioral curriculum (what & when)?  design & oversee Tier 1 behavioral interventions?  evaluate progress (reviewing school-wide behavior data)?  train the school staff?

3 3 Did Your Team?  Meet regularly?  How often?  Was everyone present at most meetings?  Did the Administrator attend most meetings?  Establish a clear purpose?  What is your mission?  Does it still fit?  Regularly share data and activities with faculty?  Involve faculty in establishing/reviewing goals?  Did you solicit their feedback throughout the year?  How? USE YOUR DATA to identify and analyze the problems

4 Look at your BoQ Data

5 5 Data Review  How did your team score on Items 1-6 on the BoQ?  What is working?  What needs to be improved?

6 6 Related Activities/Resources Tier 1 Training Binder: Working Smarter Tier 1 PBS Team Roster Action Planning Section Team Meeting Checklist Sample Meeting Agenda FLPBS Website: Team Process Survey You may want to review these activities

7 7 Your Tier 1 PBS Core Team  How is your Tier 1 PBS team different from your S chool- B ased L eadership T eam (SBLT)?  What are the responsibilities of your SBLT?  Who participates on your SBLT?  Do you have established Ground Rules so that your meetings are productive and efficient?

8 8 Who’s on the Team?  Review current team member roles, is it time to make changes? PBS Coach Team Leader Administrator Behavior ‘Expert’ Data Specialist Recorder Timekeeper Revise your Team Roster Communications “Snack Master” Student Voice Parent/ Community Voice

9 9 How did your Coach(es) do?  Ensured fidelity of the School-Wide plan?  How did they do that?  Served as your main contact person to your DC?  Facilitated the team throughout the process?  Ensured critical elements were in place?  Completed the FLPBS:RtIB Evaluations?  Attended trainings/meetings with your PBS team(s)?  Was an active and involved team member? Do any changes need to be made?

10 10 How did your Administrator(s) do?  Actively participated?  Continuously and actively communicated their commitment?  How did they do that?  Maintained familiarity with school’s current data and reporting system?  Ensured behavior was written into the SIP?  Identified how to free staff time for PBS activities?  Ensured meeting dates and times were recognized in the master schedule? Do any changes need to be made?

11 11 Goals within a Mission  What were your established goals for the year?  Three-Year?  One-Year?  Were they aligned with your established mission/purpose?  What changes need to be made to your goals?

12 12 Guidelines for Effective Teaming  Did your team?  Share goals & responsibilities?  Maintain transparency in actions?  Have trust between team members?  Have quality communication?  Balance tasks & process?  Rule by consensus?  Observe dynamics & resolve conflict constructively?  Include fun?

13 13 Guidelines for Effective Meetings  Data & Agenda distributed in advance?  Items have specific time limits?  Meeting starts & ends on time?  Team leader moved team through the agenda?  Minutes were recorded?  Team stayed on-topic?  EVERY team member participated &volunteered for action plan items?  New Action Plan items added to existing plan?  Existing Action Plan items updated today?

14 14 Faculty Buy-In and Commitment Faculty Buy-In:  Did you emphasize that PBS is:  3-5 year process?  Not a pre-packaged plan?  Philosophical shift for staff?  Did you obtained feedback on all critical elements prior to implementation?  Did you present everything to faculty as a ‘draft’? Do any changes need to be made?

15 15 Keys to Faculty Buy-In Make it Personal, Relevant and Concrete :  Did you provide compelling reasons for change?  Sharing the data  Did you provide a clear vision of how changes will impact staff personally?  Emphasizing the benefits  Did you ensure staff ownership?  Soliciting input and sharing results  Was there sufficient modeling from leadership?  Was the system of support sufficient?  Did you teach and reward what you wanted to see?

16 16 Faculty Buy-In Strategies PATH Process – FLPBS website Communication: Use your data to show: Month-to-month changes Changes across years Trends Decreases in problem areas Areas in need of more intense focus Conduct staff surveys Incorporate stakeholder feedback/suggestions Regular updates on PBS progress Faculty meetings, emails, faculty bulletin board, etc. Opens dialogue for problem-solving

17 17 Action Plan Refine Team & Build Buy-In Record action items for low-scoring Benchmarks items (1-6) Record action items to inform/involve your stakeholders (faculty, students, families) Implementation Tips may help BoQ Element: PBS Team & Faculty Commitment

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