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Have you ever been a part of this team?

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0 School PBIS Leadership Team Roles and Responsibilities
Establish Team Membership

1 Have you ever been a part of this team?
No agenda is prepared Meeting starts late No time schedule has been set for the meeting No one is prepared No facilitator is identified No one agrees on anything No action plan is developed Everyone is off task Negative tone throughout the meeting It’s easy for meetings to develop one or more of these problems. Actively plan to avoid these problems.

2 A PBIS Leadership Team School Administrative Team must be committed to school-wide PBIS and actively participate on the team PBIS team should remain small (6-10 members) Consider representatives that include: administration, general education teachers, special education teachers, guidance, specials teachers, paraprofessionals, custodian, parents… You are considered the core team… You meet regularly and make decisions. The team shouldn't be too big… too much conversation.. harder to come to consensus… May want to include students (example: when developing reward system), reg. ed. teachers, special ed. teachers, paraprofessionals etc. on the peripheral team. Over time the team tends to change – keep the numbers small. Team members should represent a range of grades, not necessarily from each grade level, but should represent the entire staff. Thinking about your school team… who should be invited.

3 STEP 1 - Establish Team Membership
46 Representative of demographics of school and community 1-2 individuals with behavior/classroom management competence Administrator active member Schedule for presenting to whole staff at least monthly Schedule for team meetings at least monthly Integration with other behavior related initiatives and programs Appropriate priority relative to school and district goals Rules and agreements established regarding voting, confidentiality and privacy, conflict/problem solving, record-keeping, etc. Schedule for annual self-assessments Self-Assessment Survey Review Office Discipline Referrals Benchmarks of Quality School-wide Evaluation Tool Coaching support (school and/or district/region) Teams will go through this checklist today (part of a short presentation) - All are important, but focusing on: 3 - Admin support (critical to sustaining) 4, 5 - creating that schedule for the year - keeping things visible 6 - this is the working smarter presentation later 7 - making sure PBIS is a top school goal 9 - Working with regions and coaches to schedule and complete these - BOQ comes after training is complete. Page 44

4 Coaches’ Roles & Responsibilities
May be district-level person (external) who can move across schools or person who works on-site (internal) – or both Is familiar with the school-wide process Facilitates team throughout the process (insures critical elements are in place) Attends all trainings/meetings with their school-based teams Is an active and involved team member, but not the Team Leader Is the main contact person for the school-based team Reports to district level staff Coach-liaison between school and district wide facilitator (smaller districts - may only be a coach) Different than the team leader who facilitates meeting-will help to make sure goals are being obtained They are expected to attend your team meetings-make sure to arrange meetings with them so they can attend

5 Administration’s Roles and Responsibilities
ALL administrators are encouraged to participate in the process Administrator should play an active role in the school- wide PBIS change process Administrators should actively communicate their commitment to the process Administrator should be familiar with school’s current data and reporting system If a principal is not committed to the change process, it is unwise to move forward in the process Facilitators may want to encourage all administrators to participate on the school-based PBIS Team or may determine that one administrator is adequate. If only one administrator is actively participating, it is essential that the facilitator meet with the administration between meetings to guide communication and follow-through of action plans. In addition, the sole administrator should be one who intercepts many of the school’s discipline referrals (i.e., has experience with the school’s current system of discipline operations). If this administrator is not involved with the team or committed to the change process, it is unwise to attempt to go further with developing the PBIS school-wide plan. The involved administrators should also have a long-term commitment to the change process and to the school. Constantly changing administrative support will negatively impact the implementation of a school-wide positive behavior support plan.

6 Administrator’s support and active involvement
Administrator attends ALL trainings and team meetings. Administrator provides allocation of resources for PBIS implementation Administrator puts time on staff agenda for PBIS updates Administrator actively promotes PBIS as priority, integrates with other initiatives/improvement activities Do we have it?

7 Team Leader Develop agenda Facilitate meeting
Follow-up on assigned tasks Seek input from staff and other committees

8 Team Member Attend PBIS meetings Attend PBIS trainings
Spread the message of PBIS to other staff/Faculty Have a quick answer for “What is PBIS” Invite other staff/faculty to meetings Be a PBIS cheerleader in your building and in your community Offer suggestions and ideas to the team (no ideas are too big or too small) Ask questions and keep learning.

9 Team Meeting Template/ Process
Page – Conducting meetings



12 Activity - Team Roles and Responsibilities
Team Responsibility Person Responsible School Role Administrator Internal Coach External Coach Time Keeper Data Specialist Behavior Specialist Communications Recorder Brief activity to solidify who is in each role…

13 Action Planning Establish 3-5 norms for your team
Choose Roles for your team Complete STEP 1 (pgs in manual)

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