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Pediatricians V.S Registered Nurses By Jennifer Guitron-Lopez.

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1 Pediatricians V.S Registered Nurses By Jennifer Guitron-Lopez

2 Advantages to being a Pediatrician Some Pediatricians are self employed and can make their own wages.

3 Benefits to being a pediatrician Sick leave Paid vacation Health insurance Retirement plan

4 Helpful High School courses Strong background in math and science as many as possible. And if possible advanced placement classes Elective classes: Anatomy and Physiology Computer Applications Food and Nutrition Foreign Language Introduction to Health Care Nursing Safety and First Aid Self employed considerations classes Accounting Entrepreneurship Introduction to Business

5 Cost of College Full-time: $25,320 (in-state), Full-time: $54,300 (out-of-state) In The University of Washington.

6 Cost of college Treasure Valley Community College estimated cost of nursing program OREGON =$22,046.00

7 Schools Available University of Washington-Seattle Washington University of Minnesota- Twin Cities Minnesota Oregon Health and Science Portland Oregon University

8 Salary Hourly $76.04 Monthly $13,178 Yearly $158,170

9 Length Time to obtain the degree I would first need to earn a bachelors degree which takes 4 years. Afterwards I would have to get into a medical school and earn a (M.D.) Doctor of medicine which takes 4 years as well.

10 Disadvantages Some of the disadvantages of being a pediatrician is having total responsibility for the health and safety of their patients and whom they supervise, the danger of working with patients with diseases or infections, have to work more than 40 hours per week, may have to work on weekends and nights when on call.

11 Advantages to being a Registered Nurse Registered nurses have the Benefits of paid vacation, sick leave and health insurance and employers offer child care and education benefits and bonuses. Plus, the job of registered nurses is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations through the year 2018.

12 Suggested classes to take in High School Taking AP classes during high school is very helpful. Electives that are beneficial: Anatomy and Physiology Computer Applications Health Education Introduction to Health Care Nursing Safety and First Aid

13 Schools Available Treasure Valley Community College Ontario Oregon Steven Henager college- Boise Idaho Carrington College- Boise Idaho

14 Salary Hourly $31.71 Monthly $5,495 Yearly $65,950

15 Length time to obtain degree To receive an associate degree in nursing (ADN) I need to go to a Community College or a two-year college that offers a two- year nursing program. you can also earn a bachelor's of science degree in nursing (BSN) at a 4 year College or universities that offer a four-year nursing program.

16 Disadvantages Wages vary by employer, so some places could get paid less. For example, hospital nurses tend to earn more than nurses in doctors' offices. Registered Nurses a lot of times are stuck with all the clean up work.

17 Best Option for me Looking at both occupations information the best occupation for myself would be a Registered Nurse. I Have never been the best at mathematics and to become a pediatrician requires strong skills in mathematics. I also would be a little afraid to be complete responsible of the health of the patient. I would love to cure a patient but, if I don’t succeed I do not want to be accused by the patient that I am responsible for not curing them. I also, dislike the work a pediatric doctor has to deal with they are there for most of the time working and they have to work on weekends or odd hours if they are on call. The school’s that offer a pediatric doctor degree are offered in universities far from where I am located and I don’t have the same financial support I would have if I were to stay close by my family. Treasure Valley community college in which is located here in Ontario, financially my family can support me. The years to receive an RN degree can take up to 2 years. I love how its not a long school years to receive the degree. Plus, The requirements emotionally, physically and educational to become a nurse is something I believe I can do.

18 Sources CIS Website to compare occupations. TVCC website. University of Washington Website

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