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Common Sense Customer Service All the people we come into contact with during the day are our customers. Customers include students, parents, visitors,

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1 Common Sense Customer Service All the people we come into contact with during the day are our customers. Customers include students, parents, visitors, co-workers, and the communities WCJC serves. How we treat each of these customers has a ripple effect on each of us and those we serve.

2 What is the to Customer Service?

3 Is for all employees to be responsible for creating and maintaining a friendly, informative, and, supportive business environment for their external and internal customers. The to Customer Service…

4 The first to Customer Service is Good Office Etiquette.

5 Good Office Etiquette demands that we be:. Polite, and. Respectful

6 All WCJC employees should…

7 G reet customers when they enter their area! Never allow a customer, internal or external, to feel ignored.

8 Acknowledge their presence, Introduce themselves, and Offer to assist them.

9 Students, parents, faculty, support staff, and administrators should always feel welcome in WCJC offices and on the WCJC Campus.

10 Excellent service should be provided to all WCJC customers at all times!!! Customers should never feel intimidated and should always be treated with dignity and respect.

11 WCJC employees should actively listen to the customer to determine how to direct or assist them with their questions or concerns.

12 Always answer all questions in a professional and courteous manner, remembering: * No question is ever a stupid one, and, * All customer questions and concerns are important to them.

13 Impatience and anger, with external and/or internal customers alike, is UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR.

14 All external customers should feel each of us at WCJC cares about their needs, and each and every external customer should leave the college feeling they were treated fairly and equitably. by WCJC and its employees.

15 Good office etiquette is just as important with internal customers as it is with external customers!

16 The relationship between the staff in an office, and within the organization, should always be one of: Mutual respect,and Concern

17 WCJC employees should view emergencies and priorities not individually, but as a team!!!

18 A cooperative team approach can meet the challenges of the day.

19 Proper office etiquette calls for you to be: Professional, Calm, and Patient

20 Remember !!! The to good customer service is to treat customers like we want to be treated even in the most stressful situations.

21 to good customer service is responsible communication. The Second

22 Effective communication is the responsibility of all employees. Each person is responsible for: Communicating clearly, and Listening effectively.

23 Responsible communication means being sure the information shared is understood in the proper context.

24 WCJC employees should answer customer questions and concerns with positive and precise information.

25 Never say “I can’t help you” or “I don’t know.”

26 Good customer service requires finding the proper resource person to assist the customer if you are unable to provide all the requested information.

27 Customers, after completing their transactions with you, should have a positive image of you and the College.

28 It is the responsibility of each employee to promote WCJC and the contributions the College makes to its students and the community.

29 to customer service is professionalism. The Third

30 WCJC expects professional behavior from all employees. Your professionalism shows in the way you speak to your customers and co-workers.

31 of professional behavior are:. Positive patience, and. Positive attitude and manner. traits

32 WCJC expects professional behavior from all employees!

33 Professional behavior obligates employees to be: Prepared, Skilled, and Knowledgeable.

34 Essential Elements to Professionalism Regular attendance

35 Being on time, Dressing professionally, and

36 Not Watching The Clock

37 Employees who communicate professionalism have: Attentive listening skills, Are quick, and Are enthusiastic in responding to requests

38 You ARE WCJC to your customers! Remember …

39 Your level of professionalism will determine how your customer feels about the College and will help determine the success of the College in the community we serve.

40 Your professionalism in your position will ensure that WCJC customers continue to return to our College for their educational needs through many generations.

41 is telephone etiquette. The Fourth

42 Telephone calls should be answered within three rings.

43 A smile on your face,before answering the phone,

44 will be reflected in your voice to the customer on the other end of the phone.

45 Employees should always: Identify their department and Provide the caller with their name.

46 If you must locate some information to assist the caller, always put the caller on hold.

47 It is not appropriate for the caller to hear anything going on in the office or anything that might be discussed in trying to assist the person.

48 If you must take a message, be sure to obtain accurate and complete information.

49 At the very minimum the following should be obtained: 1. Name of caller, 2. Date and time of call, 3. Caller’s phone number, 4. Brief explanation of reason for the call, and 5. Your name.

50 If you are screening calls for a person or department, do so diplomatically. An example of diplomacy would be to say a person is “out of the office” rather than to say they are “at lunch”.

51 Be polite when screening calls, but do not provide a specific time a person will return a call.

52 Inform callers when the employee is: Out of town, or Out of the office for an extended period. Ask the caller if someone else can assist them. Determine who to refer the caller to and inform them who you are referring them to.

53 WCJC employees are expected to return calls promptly and, when possible, return them the same day they are received.

54 If a caller must be transferred: Advise the caller you are transferring them. Provide them, in case they are disconnected, with the name, department, and telephone number that can assist them.

55 If possible, when transferring: Stay on the line Identify the caller to the next individual Explain what action/comments you have already taken/made

56 In Summary: Satisfied customers tend to bring new customers to the College’s doorstep.

57 Good customer service representatives remember that even as difficult as a day may have been,quality customer service must be provided at all times to all those that we serve.

58 Always remember: Just because you have answered the same question a 100 times… Today, this week, or this year… it is the first time the person has asked you that question.

59 Let’s each of us remember daily, as WCJC employees, that it is our responsibility to provide excellent customer service to not only the students, parents, administrators, faculty and staff we serve but also to our fellow co-workers… our office mates…

60 Good Human Relationships = Good Customer Service = Good Public Relations = A Successful and Growing Wharton County Junior College

61 Let’s all work together as a team to make Wharton County Junior College the best community college, not only in the state, but the nation.

62 Wharton County Junior College may never be the biggest community college in the world, but WCJC can be the College that is known for Outstanding Customer Service!

63 Wharton County Junior College Thanks You for all the work you do every minute, hour, day, month, and year!!!! Your special touch and skills make Wharton County Junior College!!

64 Please print out the following slide, complete, and sign the certificate. Send the completed Certificate of Completion to the Human Resources Department for inclusion in your personnel file. Thank you.

65 Certificate of Completion Common Sense Customer Service On this month/day_______________, 2___, I completed the On-Line Common Sense Customer Service Training. _______________________________________________ First Name Middle Name Last Name _____________ _________________________________ Social Security Number Title and Department ___________________________________ Employee Signature

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