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Customer Service Training

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1 Customer Service Training

2 What is customer service?
Customer service is: Anticipating and meeting needs Managing and meeting expectations Resolving problems and conflict Consideration and respect Customer service is an attitude, not a task

3 Who is the customer? Patients are our customers Who else?
Other physician offices Family members Co-workers Community

4 Who is responsible? Every employee contributes in some way to the overall customer service that the organization provides and therefore is responsible It is not necessary to have direct patient contact to be an important part of the experience of each patient

5 Why is customer service important?
Patients evaluate quality based on customer service Brings consistency to the organization Helps to provide repeat top quality customers It is necessary in order to be the best

6 How exactly do I do this? Developing the right attitude
The simplest ways include Speak highly of CPC at all times Smile Acknowledge patients Speak in a pleasant tone of voice Treat others like you would want to be treated!!

7 How exactly do I do this? Anticipating and meeting needs
Consider what the patient may be feeling Frustration (maybe the patient experienced a long wait time or had trouble getting an appt) Fatigue- (most patients feel bad when they come to the doctor) Fear (patient uncertain of the outcome of their visit)

8 How exactly do I do this? Managing and meeting expectations
Always tell customers the truth, but avoid unnecessary details Do not promise what cannot be delivered If customers have unreasonable expectations, be prepared to explain why those cannot be met Remain positive

9 How exactly do I do this? Resolving problems and conflict
Always attempt to resolve conflict quickly if conflict cannot be avoided Always ask the customer what it is that they would like- don’t assume You have the ability to manage the conflict- do not let it get out of hand Do not take a customer’s anger personally

10 Managing Conflict Encourage customers to talk about their complaint to you if you sense they are unhappy with their visit. If customers are unhappy and cannot voice their complaints within the organization, they will be voiced elsewhere. One unhappy customer will tell 8-16 people about the experience. 91% of unhappy customers will never return. It costs 5 times as much to attract a new customer as to keep an old one.

11 Managing conflict When a patient complains, something did not meet his or her expectations. Why? Expectations were not reasonable Through good conflict management, customer expectations can be adjusted Someone failed to provide good customer service This often occurs when customer service is not a top priority Processes are not set up to handle patients effectively This should be identified and corrected through management

12 Managing conflict Attempt to resolve conflict easily
Ask customer what the problem is LISTEN attentively Put yourself in the customer’s place Offer to have a supervisor speak with the customer if not easily resolved NEVER promise what you cannot deliver NEVER raise your voice- this is very unprofessional and gives the customer ammunition for further conflict

13 What does customer service mean for me?
A more enjoyable work environment Respect and appreciation from customers Ownership of work responsibilities Happy customers equate to long run job security Pride in job well done

14 Helpful hints Say “What can I do to help?”, not “Its not my job.”
Say “Will this time schedule meet your needs?”, not “Are you happy now?” Say “Thank you for letting us know there is a problem. We are striving to be the best”, not “No one else ever complains.” Say “We appreciate your business and want to continue serving you in the future” , not “We don’t need you.”

15 Summary Treat customers with kindness and respect and you will get the same in return Consider and meet expectations Quickly offer conflict resolution, even if you think that the customer is wrong Communicate, communicate, communicate

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