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WRSU Customer Service The Beauty of Change. Foreword It is your responsibility to ensure caller satisfaction with your department.

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1 WRSU Customer Service The Beauty of Change

2 Foreword It is your responsibility to ensure caller satisfaction with your department.

3 Objectives Don’t let the stress of your work affect how you treat people on the phone. Treat all callers with courtesy and respect. All calls are important. Assist with their request immediately. If you don’t know, find out for them; show initiative.

4 Expectations of Excellence What kind of service do our callers expect over the phone? Who is the customer? What does “customer care” mean in today’s competitive world? First impressions are lasting impressions Serving people is our privilege

5 Unacceptable Chewing gum Eating/drinking Keyboarding Loud music Sidebar conversations

6 Poor Phone Skills Loss of Customers Business Image of Not Caring Unprofessional Reputation Increase of Irate, Angry, Upset Callers

7 “Customer Care” Over The Phone Rethinking our approach to answering the phone is critical. We provide “care” over the phone. Being professional on the phone, will encourage trust and confidence from our customers.

8 Give a good voice impression each time you pick up the phone. Greet the Customer Smile Give Your Department Name Give Your Name Ask How You Can Help Greeting The Caller

9 The Uniform Response Uniform responses are important because it shows teamwork, professionalism and prevents loopholes (only providing good customer care to family, people of a higher stature, etc).

10 Use the ASAP Technique Acknowledge Sympathize Accept Prepare

11 Acknowledge ACKNOWLEDGE the person’s feelings and apologize for the inconvenience the customer has encountered.

12 Sympathize SYMPATHIZE and empathize with the caller. 1. Listen to The Problem 2. Identify The Cause 3. Discuss Possible Solutions 4. Solve the Problem

13 Accept ACCEPT 100 percent responsibility for the call. Realize that angry customers are not unhappy with you just the situation. Don’t take it personally you had no part in the problem. Accept responsibility and prepare to assist with a solution.

14 Prepare PREPARE to help. State that you will be able to help Use the caller’s name, if possible, which helps diffuse the anger Be sincere

15 Closing A Routine Call Effectively The last part of a positive phone encounter is to let our customers know we are here for them; Thank Them For Calling Invite Them To Call Back If Needed Smile and Say Good Bye

16 No Excuses Excuses no one wants to hear “The computer is down” “I’m the only one here” “I’m new here” “That’s not my job/department” This is your problem, not the caller’s.

17 All the Caller Hears: “You are not going to help me.”

18 Problem Solving Techniques 1. Understand the problem. A. Get all the facts. B. Listen non-defensively. C. Repeat back problem as understood. 2. Identify the cause. A. Find out what has happened. B. What should have happened? C. Find out what went wrong. 3. Discuss possible solutions. A. Suggest options. B. Ask for ideas. C. Agree on best course of action. 4. Solve the problem. A. Remove the cause, or B. Take corrective action. C. Are they satisfied with resolution?

19 Talkative Customer They mean no harm. No need to be rude for the interruption. Just help them. Find the correct extension. Listen. Then transfer them to exactly who you know can help them “Sure Ms. Johnson, I know exactly who you need to be speaking to. Mr. Brown in our Finance Department. May I transfer you? His extension is 5555 in case you get disconnected. Thank you for calling, have a good day.” Communicate, communicate, communicate!

20 HIPAA Law If they are calling for confidential type information state, “HIPAA law prevents me from giving out that information, but what I can do is”

21 HIPAA continued If they get upset because you did not give confidential information that is alright. The public needs reminders that we are a professional healthcare organization. Protecting our patients confidentiality is our legal obligation. There is no department or employee that will make an exception and give them illegally obtained information.

22 Swear Stopper Unfortunately, there are callers who are firmly convinced that abusive language is their only recourse. Say to the caller in a firm, but pleasant voice, “Excuse me, I can assist with your problem, but I cannot help you if you continue with your abusive language.” With this phrase, you have taken control of the conversation.

23 Electronic Devices Please refer to the WRSU Policies and Procedures for the full length version. Basically, it says….. Personal wireless devices, including cell phones, pagers, PDA’s and other similar devices, shall not be used during work hours for any purpose. This includes but is not limited to telephone calls, texting or similar communication either with or without Blue Tooth technology. These devices may be used only during approved breaks or lunch breaks.

24 Summary Great phone etiquette is good for everyone because it shows our customers we’re professional, helpful, caring and courteous. It also lets our co-workers know we are doing our part as an important member of this team. Thank you.

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