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Chapter 18 The French Revolution And Napoleon 1789-1815.

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1 Chapter 18 The French Revolution And Napoleon 1789-1815


3 French Rev. Causes 1 & 2-Social & taxes Old Regime –French Social structure (Middle Ages) – Pop. divided by law (3 status groups - estates) – 3 Estates 1 st -clergy -10% of land & no TALLE(Frances chief tax). 2 nd –nobles -20 % of land & no TALLE 3 rd – peasants to Bourgeoisie (middle class-merchants, artisans, etc.) – Paid most the taxes – Divided by occupation, education, & wealth.

4 French Rev Cause 3-Enlightenment New views – Power & Authority of gov. (Locke, Montesquieu, Voltaire, Rousseau & Voltaire) "The Third Estate is the People and the People is the foundation of the State; it is in fact the State itself... It is in the People that all national power resides and it is for the People that all states exist.

5 French Rev Cause 3-4 -Financial Crisis & weak King Failed budget. – Bad harvest (1780’s) +Slowed manufacturing = rising $ for food & unemployment – Very high Taxes King(s) -spent $ -wars &luxuries – Marie Antoinette aka “Madame Deficit”. – Louis XVI (16 th ) weak leader Aided American Rev

6 Estate-General & National Assembly Issue -3 rd Estate wanted 1 st & 2 nd to pay taxes. – traditionally each estate had one vote. 3 rd Estate wants each delegate to vote. – King say no 3 rd Estate declared itself the “National Assembly “ – creates constitution – “TENNIS COURT OATH.” July 14, 1789 BASTILLE is stormed – “Great Fear” has started

7 End of Old Regime National Assembly Reforms – Declaration of the Rights of Man All men free & equal before law. Should this include women? (Olympia De Gouge) Abolishes legal privileges of 1 st & 2 nd estates. – Civil Constitution of Clergy Lose land & elected Louis XVI refused acceptance of Declaration March of Parisian Fish women –Royal family go to Paris There is no fury as harsh as that of a women- History has proven it !!!! 1789

8 Legislative Assembly & Paris Commune Constitution of 1791 - limited monarchy (Legislative Assembly). – Louis XVI doesn’t support – tries to flee France fears invasion – War with Austria (Aid Louis XVI) 1792 Paris Commune Established – Sans-Culottes (without breeches) – universal Male Suffrage

9 Section 1 Review Status group Estate Popularly run city council Commune Merchants, bankers, industrialists, professionals Bourgeoise The Second Estate owned 25-30 % of the land, held high positions in the gov’t and military, and did not do what?

10 Section 1 Review Pay taxes The Paris Commune demonstrated, then seized power because : defeats in war with Prussia, anger with the monarchy, and economic what? Shortages The National assembly’s Constitution of 1791 set up what kind of monarchy? limited

11 Section 1 Review The Paris Bastille was what? An armory and prison The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen proclaimed: freedom of speech, freedom of press, and an end to what? Tax exemptions France’s chief tax taille

12 Section 1 Review “without breeches,” members of the Paris Commune Sans-culottes

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