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The French Revolution Mrs. D’Errico World History.

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1 The French Revolution Mrs. D’Errico World History

2 Definition Enlightenment ideas such as natural rights of life, liberty and property, along with the idea that governments should allow freedoms of speech, religions, and the press flowed through Europe and influenced all that read its ideas. The ideas of the enlightenment had reached the American colonies leading to a revolution against British rule and influenced England to transform into a tolerant constitutional monarchy. The people of France, however, continued to live under the absolute monarchy of Louis XVI. The majority of the people were poor, unprivileged, and obeyed the dictated laws of the monarch.

3 Structure of French Society 1 st Estate 1% of population 2 nd Estate 2% of population 3 rd Estate This estate included Bourgeoisie, artisans, and peasants 97% of population Nobility Clergy

4 Big Picture: Privileges of the French Estates First Estate (1% of population) Second Estate (2% of Population) Third Estate (97% of population) Owned 10% of land Owned 20% of land Did not own land Did not pay taxesPaid little or no taxesPaid the most in land taxes and tithes to the Church Spent most of their time with leisure activities Lived on luxurious estates or with the king at Versailles Had to work the nobles land and sometimes didn’t have enough to eat

5 Timeline: The Flame Is Ignited On May 5, 1789, King Louis XVI was forced to call the Estates-General because of the enormous financial trouble he was in. The Estates-General, a group of delegates representing each estate and voting as a single estate, was called for the first time since 1614.

6 Timeline: National Assembly Formed Members of the Third Estate that wanted more freedom and the right to VOTE as separate INDIVIDUALS and not as ESTATES. On June 17, 1789: members of the Third Estate form the NATIONAL ASSEMBLY The Tennis Court Oath creates a pledge that the National Assembly will write a constitution for all French citizens Tennis Court Oath by Jacques Louis David

7 Timeline: Storming of the Bastille On July 14, 1789 a Paris mob stormed the Bastille; a prison in Paris. This prison represented all that they hated about the monarchy and the oppressive government. The French rioters overtook the prison and killed the guards working there. “Liberty, equality, fraternity”

8 Timeline: Declaration of Rights of Man On August 27, 1789 the National Assembly adopts the Declaration of Rights of Man, giving all French citizens equal rights before the law. Between 1789-1791 the National Assembly passes laws and reforms to set up a government and adopts a constitution.

9 Timeline: Trouble for France April 1792 France declares war on Austria August 17, 1792 Paris mob storms Tuilleries and imprisons royal family September 1792 National Convention ends monarchy and declares France a Republic January 21,1793 Louis XVI is tried for treason and beheaded July 1793-1794 Committee of Public Safety formed, thousands die in Reign of Terror 1795 Moderate leaders draft new constitution and form the Directory

10 Timeline: Napoleon Napoleon Bonaparte comes to power in November, 1799. He claims himself dictator ending the government formed by the Directory. The French Revolution is officially ended.

11 Visuals of the French Revolution: King Louis XVI

12 Marie Antoinette “Courage! I have shown it for years; think you I shall lose it at the moment when my sufferings are to end?”

13 The Reign of Terror: Guillotine

14 Versailles: Palace of the King

15 Causes Long and Short term Enlightenment Ideas Liberty and Equality Example of the American Revolution Social and Economic Injustices of the Old Regime Economic crisis- famine and government debt Weak leadership Discontent of the Third Estate

16 Effects: Long and Short Term End of the Old Regime Execution of monarchs War with Austria Reign of Terror Conservative Reaction Decline in French Power Spread of Enlightenment ideas Growth of Nationalism

17 Evaluation 1.Why were the major members of the Third Estate unhappy with their way of life under the Old Regime? 2.Who was the leader of France at the beginning of the Revolution? 3.What was the name of the government formed by the Third Estate, that worked for a French Constitution? 4.What was the Reign of Terror and how did it end? 5.Discuss which Enlightenment impacted the citizens of France and how the country incorporated those ideals in their constitution.

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