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Andy Warhol & Portraits…. Andy Warhol, Self-Portrait, 1986 Andy Warhol.

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1 Andy Warhol & Portraits…

2 Andy Warhol, Self-Portrait, 1986 Andy Warhol

3 Born in 1928 Painter, printmaker, filmmaker, author & record producer Pop Art (popular culture) One of his artworks, “The Eight Elvises” was sold for $100 million in 1963 Died in 1987

4 What’s Popular? Warhol was fascinated with the way people and products become so popular He printed thousands of colourful pictures of famous movie actors, singers, brand-name foods and cartoon characters Many people loved his Pop Art prints, and Warhol became a rich and famous start!

5 Andy Warhol, 32 Campbell’s Soup Cans, 1962 Pop Art & Andy Warhol

6 Andy Warhol, Green Coca-Cola Bottles, 1962

7 Andy Warhol once said everything he painted - from a can of Campbell's soup to a bottle of Coke - should really be classed as a portrait.

8 Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa”

9 Andy Warhol; Mona Lisa Four Times; 1978 Andy Warhol, Mona Lisa; 1963 Serigraph

10 Imagine a Famous Movie Actor… Warhol clipped a photograph of the beautiful movie star from a newspaper He and his helpers printed out her photo with ink and a process called photo-silkscreening Instead of normal skin colours, he printed the star’s face over and over in fun, unusual colours and black & white.

11 Marilyn Monroe Andy Warhol’s famous multiple screen-prints of Marilyn Monroe (1963), based on an image he cut out of a poster for the film “Niagara”.


13 Andy Warhol’s Portraits 1960s, 70s and 80s, produced more than 1000 portraits Subjects included Wayne Gretzky, Princess Diana, Mick Jaggar… Always charged the same for a set of portraits - $25,000 for the first and $15,000 for the second Some years, was making $1 million on portraits alone

14 Ethel Scull 36 Times on display at the Andy Warhol exhibition, Grand Palais, Paris. Photograph: Yoan Valat/EPA -retrieved Nov. 2010 from

15 O Warhol-Inspired Portraits… 1. Take digital photos 2. Print and make 4 copies 3.Add fun, unusual colours 4.Mount all 4 images together

16 Digital Photography


18 Tips for Taking Photos… 1.Decide on the subject (focal point) 2.Get in close 3.Hold the camera steady 4.Focus (auto) 5.Flash (glare?) 6.Check your backgrounds 7.Experiment

19 Things to Consider… Is the image in focus? Is it a close-up? Does the photo ‘capture’ you? Is it an interesting pose? Does this photo/pose tell something about you? Choose your favourite pose.

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